Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Less Really Was More!

So, in looking back at my last post, it seems that I was right with the title. Less really was more for August: less blogging made for more of everything else.

More . . .

library trips
hula hoops hooped
books read
miles run
movies watched with the husband
veggies grown
tomato sauce canned
berries picked
concerts attended
State Parks visited
beaches walked
swings pushed

And as we get ready for our son to start Kindergarten next Tuesday, I realize that all of those "mores" will be great for my new take on "Less is More" in September: Less time with kids (because of school!) is more time for writing/working/running. Change is good!

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Just Janice said...

I was reviewing my past running performance and can pick out exactly when I started blogging 'cause my performance sucked from then on in. I've been blaming it on having kids, but I really thik blogging did me in.

Black Knight said...

I cannot wait for "less time at work more time for me"!