Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lost in the Pages: Review of 2010 Calendar What a Day for Running!

2010 Calendars. They're everywhere these days - shopping malls, bookstores, drug stores and grocery stores. Cute bunny noses catch the attention of my daughter while superheroes mid-flight beckon my son to take a look. Every year the calendar selection seems to be the same: animals, comic strip characters, international destinations, and special calendars for "Moms on the Go". I don't know about you, but I don't need a reminder that I'm a "mom on the go" (my life tells me that daily) and puppy calendars just remind me that my sweet pup is getting old.

I've tried on-line calendars, but I really rely on the good, "Old School" wall calendar. I write down EVERYTHING in it. When I talk on the phone to schedule doctor's appointments I carry it from room to room to multi-task and minimize sibling rivalry. I can even toss it in my car to take to my kids' schools to set up play dates. I lose pocket calendars and day planners are bulkier than I like. So for me, a yearly wall calendar is a must - even though you'll never find mine on the wall.

A month or so ago I saw that my author friend Carol Goodrow created a wall calendar for 2010, I ordered one on the spot. Instead of wishing I could be back in Venice, Italy (as I did with my calendar 3 years ago) when looking at my schedule for April, I'll have the pleasure of thinking about the great springtime running sounds as depicted in the illustration of a boy "jammin' with the rain" as he runs through mud puddles ("spat-ta-pa, spat-ta-pa, splatter, SPLASH!"). While it doesn't look like I'll make it to Italy again soon, you can count on me making my own running music on a regular basis here in the drippy Pacific NW. I knew there was good reason for me to ignore the pleas from my children asking for Hello Kitty and motorcycle calendars!

In May I'll be treated to a reminder of the sights of running and how numbers play a role in this favorite sport of mine. Carol's illustration shows a young girl out for a run "Counting Petals" and everything else as she runs: miles, time, footsteps, geese, horses, trucks, heartbeats . . . This reminds me of my marathon way back in November 2003 when I was counting orange cones to make it through my "wall" around mile 24. Some days running takes focus and it is the numbers that push you to your goal . . . other days the numbers are simple celebrations of what running shows you that you otherwise may have missed. This page shows what I already knew - Carol GETS it!

And without giving away TOO much more of the treasures in Carol's What a Day for Running! calendar, I'll let you know that moms who are runners will appreciate the illustration for November in which a daughter joins her mom for the final mile of a marathon. As a mom whose children are starting to discover the joy of running and a woman who organizes Saturday morning trail runs in my community, I can appreciate the caption: " . . .Cool weather can make a very long run doable. Throw in the bond of family and friends then VOILA! Even a cloudy November day shines."

If you are looking for something inspirational and heart-warming for a 2010 wall calendar, head on over to PE Central to get your copy(ies) of What a Day for Running! or order them directly through Carol. I promise the calendar will make you smile and provide your family with encouragement throughout the year better than any ol' farm animals can (though I can appreciate their beauty and cuteness, I just need a break from them!).


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Can't wait to buy a new calendar.. Thanks for the info..

Nicole said...

Sounds nice!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You know when I wore my Berry insoles in my TRansce 9's I got really bad blisters. So I have decided to mainly use the shoes for walking, shorter runs and when my feet are swollen. It is nice to have a pair that does not take the brunt of the mileage..