Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feeling Good (and Balanced!) About November

After a fun finish to October, I'm looking forward to an exciting November. To keep it simple, here are two little lists of why I'm feeling great . . . and even, dare I say, balanced:

October's Nice End:
- Though we were feeling *blah* (for lack of a better word), my husband and I went out for a date night dinner last week. When we got home we VOTED! Absentee ballots are GREAT. We were able to sit down and take the time to discuss and read about the different candidates (our ballot was nearly 2 full sides) for the offices (not to mention the big issues up for vote, too) and cast our votes confidently. The ballots went in the mail the very next morning! I feel good about my choices and like that I had the time and comfort to get everything right at home instead of waiting in line at a polling station and then trying to remember who I wanted to choose (really, this was much more than just presidential stuff!).

- There's just something fun about the discovery of Halloween through a not-quite-two year-old's eyes . . . "NANDY!" Little Sister cried over and over again while clutching bags of Skittles and M&M's. I was thrilled that she remembered her manners when people tucked new goodies into the bag I made her as we went from shop to shop in our town's Downtown Trick or Treat experience.

Here's my husband with Little Sister dressed as a puppy and Mr. Music in all his pirate glory before we headed out to loot the town!

- We only got 8 trick or treater's (not a type-o, just 8 little souls), BUT, we were also pleased to have three middle schooler's stop by on a food bank collecting mission. We were happy to donate some canned goods to the local food bank . . . and they were happy to get a few containers of playdoh - "Sweet!" they chimed together when I offered them the goodies. It warmed my heart to see their excitement over playdoh!

- Though my husband was not excited about turning a year older on Halloween, he was happy to be greeted with "Happy, Dada!" from Little Sister all day and to card after card after card that Mr. Music made for him to celebrate the day. A large carrot cake from our local bakery sweetened the day, too, as did the roasted pork my mom made for him (I don't do pork) for dinner. Oh, and carving the pumpkin - can't forget that!
Here's Mr. Music checking to make sure we got ALL of the seeds!
November's Sweet Beginning:
- The boys braved the rain to hit the trail for a bike ride on Saturday. They came back grinning from ear to ear and literally COVERED with dirt - head to toe. Priceless.

Check out our little "Swamp Monster" and his muddy coat. I think his tag-a-long might need a rear fender. You think?
- My head cold is finally clearing, so I decided to brave the treadmill this morning. I started off with a walk to make sure that my lungs could handle things and ended up running for about 10 minutes of my 30 minute work out - a day earlier than my goal. Hooray!

- Swimming lessons start this week at the Y. I'm hoping to also work in a day or two of classes for myself, taking advantage of their great childcare program. I'm feeling stronger by the day with the balance ball work I've been doing, but look forward to mixing things up a bit with some cross training, too.

- I'll be turning the big 3-0 in a little over a week. That weekend I'll be signing books at a race. I think that's a fun way to kick off a new decade - full of positive energy and a good run.

I wish you all a great week - and a great month, too! And if you haven't already . . . go make your vote count!


Pavement Runner said...

Sounds like you had a great Halloween and looks like it is going to turn into a nice November.

Mile 6 was across the Golden Gate Bridge this weekend at the US Half. It was the almost the halfway point, so it worked out nice to focus on something other than my tired legs. It reminded me that I need to send you your download. :)

Good luck at the signing event - inspire those young runners.

teacherwoman said...

Looks like you had a good Halloween! The little ones are too cute!