Friday, November 7, 2008

Life's Little Challenges

Today I decided to try something new. Actually, 2 new things . . . at the same time.

1. Drop the kids at the YMCA child care.
2. Try a Zumba class.

How'd it go?

1. My son loved it. Two of his closest friends from school were there, so he was set. Little Sister didn't share his feelings. At all.
2. I reserve my review of the Zumba class for a time when I can do more than 10 minutes of it. That's when the child care staff came looking for me. Nothing like having to walk all the way across the front of the class (twice even, as I had to retrieve my water and key) to go console a sad kid. *sigh* So far I'm still interested in going back, assuming we can get Little Sister to take to the child care.

I'm excited at the opportunities our new YMCA (or YNCJ, as Mr. Music called it earlier) membership gives us. Swimming class went VERY well on Tuesday for Little Sister (perhaps that's why she wasn't interested in playing - she wanted to be in the pool!) and Mr. Music is excited about his first class tomorrow. I'm also hoping that my dear husband will be able to take advantage of the open lanes for some swimming from time to time, too. As for me . . . we'll just keep trying the child care stuff so that I can enjoy what the Y has to offer. It shouldn't take TOO many more partial classes, right??? I have these grand visions of classes and time in the weight room . . . and how those will help me run faster!

Does anyone have advice for how I can help my 21 month-old take to the child care?


Scheri said...

Hi! I linked to your blog from another. Great stuff :-)

My daughter was a challenge at the YMCA. I kept going every day at the same time, so she would get used to the staff and the setting. Every day, I would extend the time a little more and before I knew it, she was good no matter what time I put her in childwatch. I hope you figure out what works for her!

teacherwoman said...

Ooh, that's a tough one. I think that if you keep taking her back, she will get used to it after a while. Who knows, maybe she will be asking to go back in the near future!

runjen said...

It's tough but it will get better. My daughter just turned two and the only thing that made her love it was consistency. Just keep going, even if you can only stay for 30 minutues. He will eventually get to know the staff and more importantly, realize that you will come back for him. Every once in a blue moon, my daughter will still put up a fight but the staff always sidestracks her with coloring or they put in an Elmo DVD. That usually does the trick as I spy on her and she looks happy as a clam. Good luck!! I'll bet he will grow to absolutely love it. Kennedy RUNS to the kids club nowadays when we walk in.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

It's been a long time since my kids were that little...and I certainly never tried to do Zumba while they were in child care at the no advice there

But..Zumba is fun! And a good workout! I hope you can get through a whole session next time.