Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nearly a Week Without Running . . . but still Thankful

(Rainbow over the Puget Sound after a rainstorm on Camano Island this weekend while we were camping - photo was taken right from our campsite!)

It is nearly midnight, but my brain is racing. I'm blogging in attempt to purge my thoughts and thus calm myself. No, no, I'm not awake worrying about anything and no, my redheaded temper isn't fired up about anything I can't change. I'm simply overwhelmed (in a good way) by some pretty simple things, for which I am thankful:

1. I am thankful that my mom was able to fly ALL the way from WA to MA for a weekend with the extended family of her youth. She gathered with her three siblings (just that part is amazing) and their dad to celebrate the life of her uncle with their countless cousins and, and, and . . . from what I hear, it was QUITE the gathering in honor of an amazing man. While there, my mom and her siblings also celebrated my grandpa's 85th birthday and were able to spend Father's Day with him. Today was likely the first Father's Day all 4 of them were with their dad in a few decades. Isn't that remarkable? I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Wow.

2. I am honored that my high school AP Chemistry teacher somehow remembered me after all these years and friended me on Facebook (along with a number of my memorable and colorful classmates). Her class and her talents as a teacher (beyond just the material) were important parts of my Senior year and her passion for teaching inspired me in my years as a teacher. It turns out she recently bought a copy of We Are Girls Who Love to Run. The book, and my regular FB status updates about my runs and silly anecdotes about my little family, are now helping to inspire HER as she enters the world of running and trains for her first triathlon in August. Inspiration truly is circular. OK, now my eyes are getting a bit blurry.

3. I have not run a step since last Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday, anyhow). Our family took off on Thursday for a long weekend of camping at Camano Island State Park and it was amazing. We did come home a day early, but ended up exploring another State Park this morning instead, so we didn't really lose much outside time with the switch in plans. We gained a bit of extra sleep and a fun movie night, though. The weekend away from computers, and telephones was just what this gal needed . . . and the weekend away from grass pollen and whatever else is triggering his allergies is just what this gal's husband needed. The beach, with rocks, driftwood, forts, crabs of all sizes and colors, wind, rain, rainbows, coin showers, and amazing clouds welcomed us. My daughter roasted her first marshmallow and my son enjoyed at least three fire-roasted blueberry pies with the mountain pie maker (in one night).
(This is the view from our camper on our camping trip this weekend - literally the best spot in the whole campground - talk about having a room with a view!)

4. I am thankful for the promise of a playful summer. This weekend reminded me that my children's childhoods are precious and short - I will be limiting screen time across the board. Our mission for the summer is to explore and experience while the getting is good. The kids can do without TV on a daily basis (though I think Saturday family movie nights will become part of our fun when we're not camping) and I can do without FB/Twitter/blogs on a daily basis. I will definitely check-in and post from time to time, but not with the regularity that you've seen from me in the past. Summer in the Pacific NW is too short!

(Here's my Boy Who Loves to Wiggle in his best form!)

5. I am thankful for readers and runners who have the book We Are Girls Who Love to Run on their shelves. I am thankful that they are sharing their passion for running/living a vivid life by recommending the book to others and by encouraging others to reach their goals (running or otherwise!). You can even find the book on Facebook and become a fan! The blog posts I do write over the summer will be running/book publishing related. I'll update you with info about where the book is headed, where you can find it to buy a copy (if you don't already have one!), and additional ways you can share your love of books and running with youth. This is, after all, my passion. I will also continue to share pertinent book reviews about similar, uplifting books.

(This is my 2 year-old Girl Who Loves to Run, doing what she does best . . . go, go, going!)

And with that, dear reader, I am feeling less fidgety and my brain is getting the message that it is okay to slow for the night. Tomorrow I will return to my love of running - refreshed & energized by the time spent with my family and the new perspective I have on what my place is in this world at this point in time.

Wishing you happy running and precious time with your loved ones this summer,



teacherwoman said...

Great post. And yes, inspiration is truly circular!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

nice family memories are being made. that's more important than running :-)

Girl on Top said...

Looks like ya had fun! That's def. more important than anything else.

The Special K Treatment said...

When we as women speak our gratitude in public, it can guide others to notice the grace around them. Run on!