Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fingers Crossed for Good Weather

Tomorrow morning is Race Day. Well, not for me, but for many a runner or triathlete. On Twitter I saw that the Berlin Marathon is tomorrow (um, well, maybe today with the time differences!). In Seattle tomorrow marks the first time our city hosts the Trek Women's Triathlon. It gets underway at 7:15 - those of us volunteering will check-in at 6AM so we can be on the course and ready to support the athletes by Start Time.

This morning I was hoping to meet with a group of women for a trail run to kick-off this weekend of excitement, but Mother Nature had other plans for me. A downpour (not a light drizzle, it was TEEMING!) kept me inside, even though one woman DID show for the group run and kicked out a fabulous 5 miles in the rain before heading to Vinyasa class. I told her she earned her cape and that she can count on me being there next weekend (even if it IS raining - I'd like to earn a cape, too)! I will say that the other 4 or so women who will be doing the early morning Saturday runs also opted to stay dry, so I wasn't the only rain-shy runner in town.

The thing about tomorrow, though, is that rain or shine I WILL be at the race! I'm signed up to support the bike portion of the race. I'm looking forward to being on the course and seeing what it entails, as I really am a runner, not a triathlete. I'm also excited to be taking part in this event as a volunteer because it is an all women's event and it is fun to feel the extra energy that's around for women's races than for co-ed events.

And now that I know the kids are finally asleep, I'm off to relax a bit before going to bed early. I want to be well-rested for the race tomorrow and will have to leave the house around 5 to park and be ready by 6. Yikes! I might have to bring along some toothpicks to support my eyelids . . .

Happy running, biking, swimming and volunteering to everyone in race communities tomorrow. And congratulations to those of you who completed an event today, including an old high school friend of mine who marathoned today. Enjoy your well-deserved rest day tomorrow!