Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up and running

I like a full plate. This sometimes makes my husband cringe, and sometimes causes me to breakout like a 15 year old . . . but, I like to be involved in things. I like to connect with people and I like to help others. It's in my nature, like my love for hot chocolate on cool autumn night.

I'm currently working on several exciting ventures:

1. Writing proposals for using We Are Girls Who Love to Run in corporate campaigns
2. Creating running clubs for Spring 2010 modeled after Carol Goodrow's Happy Feet, Healthy Food club at local elementary schools
3. Reading great books and resources, a mix of old & new, to review here SOON!
4. Increasing my own running milage back up to 15-20 miles/week
5. Keeping up with housework more consistently so I can focus better during times when my children are sleeping/away and I have time to work.

The first three items have my greatest focus.

The fourth is being supported by the increase in participation for the Saturday morning trail runs I'm orchestrating in my community. I ran a fabulous 5 miles with a fellow-mom last Saturday. It was such a great run, I practically floated through the rest of the day. Some runs are like that - and I hope to enjoy plenty more!

That fifth item is a constant struggle. Housework has never been at the top of my list, but the better I do with it, the more I'm willing to keep up with it . . . and the more willing I am to actually let people past the front door! If my book ever makes millions, you can bet I'll hire a cleaning crew so that cleaning isn't ever on my list.


Meg Runs said...

You are truly getting out there into the community and not just talking about it...way to go!

Nicole said...

I like the clarity of your list. It's specific and not overwhelming.

I'm with you on the housework topic. It's not very interesting is it.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

A running club for kids - good idea!