Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Because I'm Crazy . . .

I made 13 pillowcases instead of 12.
Yup, that's right - a baker's dozen.

My son's school has an annual auction, for which each family is required to procure something (or a combo of somethings) worth a minimum of $100. Last year we put together a basket of running-related items: a copy of my book, a gift certificate to a running store, & an entry for a local 5K. You know, one hundred bucks worth of good stuff. This year, in keeping with my pillowcase obsession from Christmas, I decided to create "A Year of Sweet Dreams," AKA 12 pillowcases to celebrate the year. For kicks I threw in an extra - everyone should have a special birthday pillowcase, right? What better way to celebrate the year! I think I've mentioned before that I'm Type A . . . and a little bit crazy.

The value of the pillowcases is $260. Why pay so much for pillowcases, you ask? Let me share:

1. They're one of a kind.
2. They're handmade.
3. They jazz up any old set of sheets.

4. They can be used to gift wrap a present, giving the recipient two gifts for the price of one!

5. They can be used for YEARS.
6. Your child's pillow won't get confused with another at a sleepover.
I already have one person who is willing to duke it out in a bidding war to win the set. Her favorite one is the orange one for November and she's already visualizing it on her bed and plotting which ones she'll use as gifts and which her family will keep. Best wishes to the bidders and to the school for raising money to support our children's education!
As for next year's auction contribution? I'll host a party to teach 4 people how to make their own!


Samantha said...

Love it!!! I'm going to have to steal the idea for my daughters preschool spring auction!!! Thank you for sharing

Pavement Runner said...

Very well done. I was waiting for a Star Wars pillow case, but maybe that's just because I had one as a child. Good luck at the auction and way to go SUPER MOM!

Running Diva Mom said...

Awesome job!!

Lisa said...

what a fun idea! i wish i had thought of that when my kids were little

Meg said...

I love the fireworks pillowcase, cute idea for the auction!

sarah said...

You are so creative! Love this project!