Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Things that Make Me Happy

I was tagged by RunningDivaMom back in January to list some things that make me happy and pass it on to other bloggers. If you know me, I'm a fan of lists. They help me think straight and keep me from veering too far off course.

So, on this first Tuesday in March, I give you:

10 Things that Make Me Happy

1. Sunshine (like the nearly 5 days of it we had on Oahu last month - THAT'S where I was!)

2. Music from my high school days (I'm sure the list would surprise you . . . )

3. Empty laundry baskets (SO satisfying!)

4. A full workout clothes laundry basket (Yes, that's the opposite of #3, but it means I've been running!)

5. Phone calls/letters from friends

6. Tomatoes fresh out of the garden

7. My children singing

8. Book reviews from like-minded folks who celebrate the power of girlhood (and running)

9. Date night with my husband

10. Outdoor family adventures

Now I'm asking YOU to make your own list. Or just feel free to leave one or two of your favorites in the comments below. I'd love to see lists from my fellow redheaded gals (who count for #5):

Celeste of The Freckled Forest

Beth at A Sweaty Quest for Enlightenment

Erin C of The Connolly Clan (who I just now realized hasn't blogged in over a year . . . seems Facebook is her new fav. But she still makes my list because I wouldn't be where I am without her!)

Oh, and Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. We read Fox in Socks and The Sneeches in your honor tonight! His books make me happy, too.


Sara Plays House said...

Several of your favorite things are my favorite things too. Except for the nasty workout clothes. Ew.
Tomato plants are on my list for this spring--my girls can't get enough of them!

Brianna said...

Sounds like you have a great list, then, Sara. :) The boy LOVES tomatoes - so much so that I'm thinking we need to cover them this year to at least slow his inhalation of them. The dog THINKS he likes tomatoes, as evidenced by the rejected balls of red he scatters across the lawn. The girl KNOWS she doesn't like them, but is happy to pick them for everyone and asked me the other day when she can peel them for me (to can sauce). Can't wait!

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