Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Learning Day

Some days are great for running, and some days are great for giving your body a rest and focusing on other parts of your life.  Today is one of those "body rest/mind focus" days for me.
I admit, I've been reluctant to put some lessons I've learned into practice.  For instance, one of our business mentors promises that the key to success is making a specific number of phone contacts each day. For me, this has been a challenge.  Some might call it avoidance.  I'm perfectly happy to pick up a phone and chat with old college pals or family members, but making business calls ties my stomach in knots.  I'm not sure why I have this fear - those who know me will confirm that I have no problem striking up conversations in person!  The fear has left me grumbling at my telephone everytime I think of the phone contact lesson we were taught.  Yet, there is nothing motivating about grumbling, so the calls don't get made.
But today, within 30 minutes I made two phone calls that look like they'll be adding up to some great business for my book. I didn't even think about it as a chore when I picked up the phone the first time.  I was just excited to relay some information about my book, We Are Girls Who Love to Run, and an opportunity for me to do an author visit.  Yes, it helped that I know the person on the other end of the phone line.  As we talked, my excitement grew and it prompted me to make a SECOND call.  Yes, I knew that person, too.  But, the thing of it is, just thinking about that second call (darn, I had to leave a message!) inspired me to think about making a THIRD call!  Nobody had to twist my arm, it just happened.  Did I make the third call, you ask?  Unfortunately, I had an appointment so I couldn't . . . but, I think I'll replay today's excitement in my mind and then pick up the phone tomorrow and do it!
So, now, in addition to my running goals I am going to be serious about my phone call goals.  And just like running, I'll take baby steps.  2 blocks, 2 calls . . . 1 mile, 4 calls . . . I can do it! 

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