Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Power of Positive Messaging

I recently received an email from an old friend that got me thinking of the notion of "super" status. My blog posts were leaving her with the notion that I'm some sort of super-mom, super-wife, super-writer.  Just writing that makes me chuckle a bit. 
My friend's email helped me begin to realize the true power of words. Yes, my blogs are of a celebratory and upbeat nature!  She got it!  BUT, they are designed to be that way, as that is part of my personal mission to find satisfaction and joy in ordinary life events - and to help others discover that in their own lives.  That's a big mission, a really, really big mission . . . and I'll just keep plugging along sharing bright glimpses of my life as they happen.  If I were to share stories of misery, doom and frustration (who doesn't have at least a few black clouds that pass over their lives now and then) people would stop reading. We get enough of that gunk thrust in our faces daily. In fact, it would probably knock me into a downward spiral to think of the negative aspects of this life journey all the time.  I would have to quit writing. And just how would that support my mission?!
So, please know that while there might be a bit of super status in me (as there is in each person!), that I'm really just a gal.  A gal who hopes that her thoughts and words might somehow spread a positive message.  If you're looking for my grumbles and sighs of exaspiration, you won't find them here (though they DO exist - I am a real person!).  I reserve those special treats (haha) for the people in my life who have built up the strength to be my sounding boards and help me process my frustrations and turn them into actions that will have a positive impact.  Those are MY true super heroes!

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