Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just one Mile

A few weeks ago I left a comment on my friend's blog that I was thrilled 3 miles away from reaching my goal of running 15 miles that week - a task that would be easy to accomplish the next day, Saturday. It sure is easy to be smug . . . and a bit more of a challenge to bring to fruition.

The next day rolled around and before I knew it I had slept past 8AM (RARE!) - a full hour past when I planned to wake to knock out those easy 3 miles.

By 9:30 I had consumed the delicious big breakfast my husband so lovingly made. You know, the works: eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, toast, & OJ. Clearly the run wasn't going to happen before noon after THAT.

A post-breakfast shower and afternoon outing with the family made this "easy" goal further and further out of reach. I'm a morning runner, without a doubt, and by 4:30 when we dropped off the kiddos for an overnight at their grandparents' house, I still had not laced up those Brooks.

Rounding out a wonderful day of food, my husband and I had an actual date at a Thai restaurant. It was quite possibly the best Thai dinner we've ever had. I was pleased to have some to take home with me for lunch the next day, but my stomach was definitely full. Clock read 7:30 when we got home from our outing.

At this point my Type A personality started to twitch. Not only had I set the 15 mile goal for myself the previous Sunday, but I had bragged about it to a fellow runner (and dear friend). The goal was out in the world, ready to be reached. I made a deal with myself that if I just cranked out 1 mile, I'd be satisfied. So I laced up.

And I ran 1 mile. And my Type A personality reared its ugly head. I picked up the pace and made my way through a second mile.

By this time there was no stopping me. And my husband began laughing. "I knew you couldn't run 'just one mile,'" he poked.

That's when I smiled sweetly, blew him a kiss and went another mile and a half. He was right, clearly. Once I set my mind on a goal, anything less than 100% just doesn't feel right. And sometimes it feels good to prove to yourself that you can make it just a smidge further, hence that bonus half mile.

Funny, but up until that night I've been apprehensive about night running. At some point in my running life I had trouble calming myself after evening workouts and found it hard to sleep. But I found that at this point in my life the satisfaction of reaching a goal and staying true to myself was *just* what my body and mind needed to have one of the best night's sleep I've had in a good month.

Last week I ran into a morning that had no room for a run, so I got it in that evening. Same thing - the sense of accomplishment satisfied my spirit and I slept well.

This opens the doors WIDE for this runner gal. Knowing that my body and mind are now willing to go "the extra mile" anytime of day really gives me a boost. As a mom I treasure this new found flexibility. And as a wife whose husband is returning to the world of running after a bit of a break, I look forward to making running part of our date night experiences without worrying that I'll have to pay the "consequence" for running with my best friend in the evening with a sleepless night.

Happy running!


Sara Plays House said...

Mike's been running at night exclusively. How he's not completely amped up after that is beyond me. But he can also have 2 cups of coffee at 9pm and still go to sleep at a decent hour.
Enigma, this guy.
I'm glad you made your goal!

Meg said...

Good job, keep up the running and enjoyment!

Beth said...

You rock! Is it all redheads that are obsessive about our goals? My husband has been out with an injured ankle and without his motivation, and with him so accessible at home, my runs are hard when I could be having time with him. I am proud of you, a good wife and runner!