Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Running Gear!

When it comes to running clothes, I have to confess - I'm cheap. I never skimp on footwear (not even socks!), but my running shorts and shirts generally come off the clearance clearance rack. No, that wasn't a type-o, I really do mean I purchase the WAY discounted stuff and then run it into the ground.

But then I met Sally Bergesen, the founder of Oiselle Running, and I really liked her. This woman is REAL, she's a dedicated runner (her staff knows not to schedule meetings during her running breaks!), a mother and a business owner. Her story is fabulous, her energy is contagious, and she was supporting Girls on the Run of the Puget Sound with me at their auction last year. Since that meeting I've kept my eye on the Oiselle website, enjoying the updates on the new clothing lines, reading about the great press the company is receiving, etc.

Last week I caught wind through MizFit's site that Oiselle was cleaning house to make room for their new line. I think that announcement was just for me - a SALE on top notch, high quality running clothes. I treated myself to two tops and two pairs of shorts - which all coordinate beautifully to give me some mix and match options. I was so excited I boasted about my purchase on my Facebook status. My husband thought I was nuts.

But then my order arrived and I modeled the clothes for him. He started with, "Wow. You look sharp!" I thought it would end there, but he continued, "No, really. Everything fits you really well and you look fit and put together. Wow." That's right, folks, I will no longer be running in public looking like I rolled out of bed and threw on whatever was on the floor from my previous run (ew, really I wouldn't EVER do that, but it might look that way). As for the fabric . . . I wish ALL of my clothes felt so yummy.

When I'm introduced at races to other runners as the author of a children's book about running, maybe people will look at me like, "This gal's got it together!" instead of "Hmmmm. That's nice. Is this your first race?" And I've got Sally and her amazing creative team at Oiselle to thank for my new look. Once I take these new duds out for a public appearance I may even be tempted to pay full price to get some of the great new offerings in the new line. Oh, yes, I'm THAT sold on the gear.

You, too, can purchase directly through the website or at many fine running establishments across the country. See for yourself. And, as always, happy running . . . in style!


Jess said...

Ohh thanks for the tip on the running clothes. I'm always on the lookout for new stuff!

Rachel said...

LOVE LOVE Oiselle. Clicking now to check out the sale.

Running mommy said...

Sounds like great clothes! Don't you have a picture of yourself in them?! I'm all curious.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. You're right: running out the door looking cute instead of like a slob feels much better!