Sunday, March 15, 2009


I feel like I haven't posted in years. Thankfully it really has only been 6 days, but WOAH, have those been packed days! Here's the week by the numbers (to keep it simple):

2 - recent reviews of We Are Girls Who Love to Run (both by men - and the FIRST reviews by men since the book's release!) I'm honored by the time and effort these runners put into such well-written and positive reviews of the book. The first one, at Let's Run, was written by the father of two girls who totally captured the essence of what I hope to accomplish with the book. The second one is even bilingual, which just blew me away - thanks Pavement Runner!

12 - types of precipitation or weather-type today alone (snow, sleet, rain, sunshine, wind storm,
"snain" - our own word to describe the rain and snow that fell simultaneously . . . I could go on).

5 - days of workouts this week (strength training, running, hill work . . . woohoo!!!).

3 - hours of Super Hero play (photos to follow soon!) . . . including the awesome comment from my son to my husband, "Go put on YOUR super hero clothes so you can help us catch the bad guys, Dad!" It still makes me giggle to think about it.
1 - finished quilt! FINALLY ready to clip the threads and send it off to our nephew (who is now 4 months old). Good thing I picked dinosaur prints, because he's just about out of the baby print phase.

4 - family members watching Tarzan 2 this afternoon (I knocked out 3.25 miles on the treadmill while my husband did 30 minutes on his bike trainer and the kids watched the movie!). It is great to have my husband back with me for workouts. I missed him and I know that with the heavy load from work that his body and mind missed the release of physical activity, too. I'm looking forward to nice weather so he and I can head out for runs again!

countless - episodes of separation anxiety by Little Sister. My husband has been working insane hours lately and I think she's afraid that if I leave I'll be gone for a long time, too. This, too, shall pass, right?

1 - super sick dog. Our former dog (she now lives with my parents so we see her quite regularly but don't have the allergy issues anymore and she gets all the attention she needs!) is very, very sick. My parents have been on 24 hour watch with her and are awaiting blood test results to make the difficult decision for what to do next. Please keep Princess Fiona Wigglesworth in your thoughts and our family in your prayers as we await the news of what can be done for this sweet 7 year-old Boxer girl.

I wish you a good week and happy running! Thanks for reading . . .

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Pavement Runner said...

Thanks for the nod. I was glad to be a part of the journey.

Super-hero time rules. We dress our dog (sorry, no kids yet) up as Super(wo)man. That was her outfit for halloween 2 years ago. She loves the cape.

Best wishes for your pup (they're all pups to me).