Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday - Here We Go (it started with silliness)

Somehow there WAS balance to the day, though if you had asked me how the juggling was going at 1PM I might have thrown a few balls at you (but don't worry, my aim is terrible, hence my gravitation toward running and not something like softball or ultimate frisbee)!

The day started out with a big laugh and confirmation that I HAVE been working hard at this book publishing thing and that it IS getting some notice around the house. A bit of background knowledge for you non-publishing world readers: Baker & Taylor is one of the largest (if not THE largest) book wholesalers in the world - that is, publishing companies sell their books to them and they in-turn sell them to bookstores, libraries, etc. We discovered that if you are to sell a book successfully you need Baker & Taylor on your side (though I'm sure it IS possible to do without them, but I wouldn't!), as well as the all powerful Amazon.

Anyway . . . yesterday was the education day, so I'll fast forward here for you to the nearly verbatim conversation at 7:15AM after both children pitter-pattered their little selves into my cozy, cave-like room:

Mr. Music: Good morning, Mama! What a sunny day. It's after 7, let's get up!
Said Mama: Good morning, Sweet Boy. You're looking happy this morning.
Little Sister: Me. Me. Me. (nods)
Said Mama: Oh, yes, you, too, Little Girl. Good morning.
Mr. Music: Can we turn on Baker & Taylor and dance around the playroom before breakfast?
Said Mama: (surpressing full blown laughter) I think you mean JAMES Taylor.
Mr. Music: Yeah, that's what I said! Baker & James Taylor!
Little Sister: Me. Me. Me. (nods)
Said Mama: Sure, Baker & James Taylor it is.

And in our pajamas we proceeded to dance ourselves silly for a good half hour before breakfast to the fabulous tunes of music great James Taylor, who shall forever more be known in my house by the longer, book related name.

The morning really did progress nicely and we got my mom to the dentist for the first part of her root canal (which went well). The afternoon was more stressful with the full-blown "I don't want to take a nap now, even though my behavior CLEARLY indicates that I need a nap and if I were to give in and put my head on the pillow I'd be instantly asleep" tantrum from Little Sister. But, she did finally give in after 40 minutes of back-and-forth (mostly me just ignoring her - the best I could). Have you had these at your house? I'll be glad when we finally get this new single long nap at 1PM set in the routine.

We had a similar, but much more mellow, experience at bedtime with Mr. Music who just lurks about trying to be noticed after we've said our good-nights. I managed to dodge that one for a bit tonight because I headed out for a 20 minute run with Albus (dog runner) and my new Garmin. I was blown away that once I get in my groove I really AM cranking out close to a steady 8:30 mile. Because it was a short run (after an hour long bike ride yesterday that I can still feel in my glutes), everything averaged out to 10 minute miles, but now I know what I can do . . . there's power in that!

Mr. Music was still peeking around corners when I got home, so I gave him an ultimatum: Go to bed or I'll get in it and wipe all my sweat on the sheets first to make the bed stinky.

I believe his last words of the evening were, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, Mom - NO!" And I'm happy to report that we haven't seen his cute self since.

No, I wouldn't have REALLY done it, I just wanted to see if the idea of it would catch his attention. And it did. Better than I could have imagined. And tomorrow we'll debrief and laugh about it so he doesn't have nightmares about his sweaty runner mom who tortures young children with her stinky post-run sweat!

Ah, life balance!


Running To Stand Still said...

LMAO at the sweat thing. Why is it always the bizarre yet empty threats that get their attention?

Faithful Soles said...

Sounds like a fun morning. I hope the book sales are going great!