Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday: Gearing-up for the Week (Kid Stuff!)

So, before I dive head-first (almost literally) into potty training and loft beds, I have to take a second to cheer about this morning because my kids enjoyed time with my parents until right before lunch time:

- I slept until 8:15!
- I went for a run with my husband and the Garmin (complete with heart rate monitor for the first time - as soon as I make it to the downloading step, I'll be sure to add more details!)
- we read the paper together in a happy silence over bagels and fresh espressos from our happy little espresso machine at 10:30 (that's right, breakfast wasn't at 7 AM, it was at 10:30!)

Thanks Mom & Dad!

Last night my husband and I took our kid-free time to go shopping. Not really for anything in particular. We wandered REI and didn't get the shoes he had been looking at on-line, looked for a funky skirt at the 70% off sale at a store that is probably too young for me (but is fun, anyhow, even though I can't think of what it's called), and then spent nearly an hour at Target. Funny thing is, we didn't get anything there until the last 15 minutes when we suddenly recalled all sorts of things we needed, including the purpose of the post: Size 2T/3T girls panties.

That's right, my daughter (18 months old tomorrow, "today" if you are reading this on Monday) regularly rips off her diaper and runs around the house with giddy laughter . . . oh, and is starting to exhibit some of these other "text book" signs.

So, this week we're diving into the potty training experience. Unlike the first time, we think we're prepared this time (I say this with a grain of salt, folks!). We have at hand:

- 1 package of Curious George panties (hooray for Clearance sales, we would have gotten a second package if there was one)
- 1 package of generic pink/flowery panties (it is important to note that the 2T sizes are located in the baby area of Target near the bibs and small shoes, NOT over by the little girl section where one would think they'd be, nor anyplace near diapers . . . that's just my little FYI rant)
- 1 free standing potty
- the offer from a neighbor to use their kid seat that goes ON the real toilet
- one backyard with lovely weather for daiper-free adventures
- one portable carpet cleaner for those times when we don't QUITE make it to the bathroom . . . oops!
- the satisfaction of knowing we've successfully trained one child

Already one dolly has been on the receiving end of the oops!, which happened to save us from needing the carpet cleaner (but an exciting trip through the wash for dolly). And, Little Sister SO enjoys the undies that after we put one pair on her she pulled on a second pair for good measure. That's a good sign, right?

And, somehow aligned nicely so he doesn't think we've forgotten him, the big brother of the house was the recipient of a brand new (to him) used loft bed! Hooray for Craig's List and Pottery Barn for the great bed we bought him today! Granted he's sleeping on the floor tonight because "I'm feeling a bit scared, but not REALLY scared, so I'm just going to camp on the floor tonight. But if I wake up and get excited, I'll just climb the ladder and sleep on my loft. I won't be scared then." I predict we'll do lots of ladder climbing practice this week and by next week he'll be good to go - because he really IS excited and does like being up there during the day, just a bit intimdated for night time.

Funny how these "little things" can add up to make for a BIG week of parent energy! Have a good one, everyone. And . . . happy running!


Marcy said...

Man, I've got to get to crackin on the PT issue witht he second one. Oy, I am so not looking forward to it LOL

MCM Mama said...

Good luck with the PT. We just finished with kid 2 and I'm so glad to be ALL DONE with that particular parenting chore.

Yay on the bed! My oldest has some 18 year old This End Up bunk beds that we got free from a neighbor and at 6.5 he still won't sleep on top (of course, we haven't yet figured out how to put a rail on it...) Hmm, maybe I need to check CL for a bed for the little.

BK said...

enjoy your child free moments :) I plan to as well for the next couple of days :).

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your morning without the little ones! it's amazing how busy you guys are with your two sunshines! :)

J~Mom said...

Good luck with the potty training! I am so happy to be done with that!

divamentors said...

Grandparents having bonding time with the children is win-win-win! Good for you!

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