Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time to Get Organized!

In my return post yesterday I mentioned that there will be some changes to my blog. That's right, I'm getting organized!

Now, please note that this is NO small thing for me. I'm organizationally challenged. Big time. I won't take and post any pictures of my work space, the kitchen, or the laundry room, ALL of which would prove my point. BUT, the thing is, I'm trying to overcome this personal struggle and I thought that one of my first steps could be with my thoughts here on the blog.

If I can mentally de-clutter and organize, then the physical stuff will follow, just like running, right?! Right?

So . . . fellow bloggers, happy readers, and family members who are laughing out loud (I can hear you, you know!) . . . here's the plan:

1. I'm not going to blog daily - as I learned before, it is a bit much with everything else on my plate.

2. I'm not going to blog on a set day of the week - as I mentioned above, I'm too scattered for that much planning

3. I'm going to be FLEXIBLE with the plan (as POM is with her marathon training plan!)

I am looking for a bit of structure, so I'm picking and choosing some great ideas from my favorite blogs out there, going with a weekday theme, taking this little blog from an anything goes family/running/chaos sharing format to something with a bit more meat. Brace yourselves:

Sunday: Gearing-Up for the Week - Educational connections to running/fitness/experiences my own kids may be having on that day as we get ready to face the school/work week

Monday: Here We Go! - Insight into finding family/work/fitness balance

Tuesday: Trials & Achievements - Challenges, goals and the steps to reach them (and celebrations!)

Wednesday: Lost in the Pages - Book reviews of running/self-esteem/life-balance/children's books

Thursday: Hanging in There! - Update on anything from earlier in the week as we near the weekend

Friday: Flashbacks - Thoughts on days/years/decades past and how our past experiences form who we are and where we're headed (I've become a bit sentimental with making connections on Facebook)

Saturday: Anything Goes - Reserved for my former blogging days of whatever is on my mind or happening with my book/kids/running/etc.

And in response to Running Knitter, I DO indeed have a few photos of the quilt I finished during my vacation. The back of the quilt is cute jungle print fabric. Hopefully you can see some of the stitching in the close-up photo that shows how I quilted the entire thing (a baby quilt, so it was quick and easy!).
I also managed to remember to get a race photo from my PR on the 4th - that's me on the right, eyeing the finish line and kicking it into full gear. The second photo is of my kiddos cheering on the runners.

I'm a bit behind with the photo stuff because I couldn't find my photo card reader and my husband is the one who generally downloads the photos onto HIS computer. Thanks for your patience! And . . . I shall soon have a photo of the near-fire from June. Hang in there folks, I'm getting my act together!

Stay tuned . . . there's no telling which day I'll get started . . . but it will be soon!


MizFit said...

dang woman.

when you plan. YOU PLAN!

(and when you kick it into full gear you KICK IT INTO FULL GEAR :))

xo xo,


Marcy said...

ALRIGHT!! Sounds like a plan, chica! ;D

teacherwoman said...

Looks like a good plan! :)

Steve Stenzel said...

YEAH for flexibility! Good luck with the plan!

Running Knitter said...

Love the plan and the quilt! I need to learn how to sew!

CindyPTN said...

You won't see pictures of our kitchen sink either! I really, really try to do as FlyLady says and wash dishes at night, but well, I'm not that organized either.

You're doing fantastic.