Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday - Trials & Achievements

I am a self-proclaimed "Girl Who Loves to Run" yet . . . I confess that at the question of how my running is going I have to respond:

"Running? What running? I think I ran last Thursday . . . or was it Wednesday? Hmmmm . . . What day is today?"

With the excitement of my mother-in-law visiting the week leading up to July 4th (we had a great visit), the birthday excitement and general summer laziness, I need to get my act back on track with fitness. While I haven't totally ditched my running/yoga routine, it has become lax. So, just as I've revamped the blog, I'm ready to dive head first into a revamp of my workouts. My plans include:

- incorporating some balance ball work into my routine using Liz Applegate's Bounce Your Body Beautiful. When I first got the ball and book I used it regularly for several months. Now, *ahem* YEARS later *ugh!* I need to get back to it. It helped my running then, it should help my running now.

- dedication to at least 1 Vinyasa yoga class/week. Even though the kids have been "off" on their sleeping (ie - waking before 6, napping at different times, needing extra prodding to go to bed) and I'd rather spend the evening vegging on the couch, I'm starting this one tonight. Class is at 6:30, giving my husband time to get home from work so I'm free and clear.

- running a minimum of 3 times/week. At this point I'm not saying how far or how fast. I just need to go. Run. That's all there is to it! The distance and speed shall return once I've got my groove back (and considering I've only been out of my running element for about 2 weeks, that shouldn't be long).

- drinking more water. I think my negligence with hydration has been part of my issue with not wanting to get out to run. *typing pause* There, I just took a second and finished my water. Now off to refill the cup . . . *another pause*

*Edit* - Here's a Trial on a NATIONAL level: Sluggish Teens (really, go read it!)

I just read the article about the drop in exercise time from the elementary years to the middle school and high school years and will be sure to write more on it this week - including some ideas for how we can all work to turn those numbers on their heads!

Maybe next Tuesday I'll be able to write about my achievements in tackling these little fitness trials - be sure to check back.

What is the current trial that you are tackling? Care to share any achievements?


Anonymous said...

I just saw a news cast on our Sluggish Teens. It i sreally sad how inactive our youth has become. I blame a lot of it on technology.

Running To Stand Still said...

That was a great article, thanks.

Glad to see you back. I have been crazy busy too. I'm looking forward to my month off from school in August planning to get organized then!!

Running Knitter said...

I am slowly building back up my mileage after plantar fasciitis. So far so good!

J~Mom said...

Sounds great!! It's great to see you back! It's so hard to juggle everything, blogging is such a guilty pleasure for me. :>)

Tina said...

I stop by your blog every once in awhile. Glad to see you're back from your blogging vacation.

MizFit said...

getting started writing a column which is DUE SOON trial!


Jess said...

Oh I have the book too. I bought it years ago and really liked it. But now it's somewhere at my parents house gathering dust. I might bust it out again though because I remember liking it.