Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ending With a Thankful Heart

Didn't get a run in this morning as I had hoped, but I did tackle some things that were more deserving of my attention today:

1. The mid-year conference with my son's teacher

2. Doctor Trip #4 for the week (#3 for Little Sister)

(That's Mr. Music on the left . . . and Little Sister reading her favorite book below - photos by Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry)
As we inch toward Friday I am feeling quite worn down, but not nearly as much as I expected after taking care of two really ill children for so long. I'm sure it is because of these things:

1. The unwavering/unconditional support of our extended family members. My parents showed up to take care of Mr. Music so I could take Little Sister to the doc without having to entertain TWO children in the waiting room and exam room. PRICELESS! As if that wasn't grand enough, my mom made dinner for us twice this week. That helped more than she'll ever know. My mother-in-law (a nurse!) helped from afar with kind words and encouragement - also helpful!

2. The wonderful doctors/nurses/support staff at our local pediatrician's office. Each time I called for an appointment (they likely can identify my voice by now) they were able to get the kids in to be checked within 2 hours. Unfortunately we weren't able to see the same doc each time, but they are all fantastic and their careful note-taking made it easy to have the cases transferred from one to the next. We did see the same nurses a few times, so that was great. Our follow-up appointment will be with the same doc we saw today - hooray! Each doctor took the time to listen to my concerns, get feedback from the kids verbally and with careful exams, and then take time to explain how their illness had progressed and what steps we'd need to follow to get them healthy again.

3. My husband has been working like a maniac for the past few weeks, but he checks in with me a few times/day to see how things are going with the kids. He didn't have meetings one afternoon, so he came home in time for one of the appointments - again, so Mr. Music didn't have to endure the doctor's office during his sister's appointment (he's feeling much better and the two hour visits are more than his busy body can endure now that it is nearly back to normal!). Super Husband has also been knocking out the dishes each evening and put the kids to bed without me last night so I could take a few minutes to let my brain check-out.

4. I did workout 3 out of 4 days this week (and may be able to run like a hamster tomorrow - fingers crossed!!!). I'm not sure how I would have survived the week without my own good health and fitness. Between being up with the kids 87 times/night (well, maybe not THAT many times, but darn close), carrying around a 30 lb. two year-old and a 40 lb. 4 year-old, taking 3 showers with a toddler in one day (to rinse off the yack that landed on both of us) and holding down the two year-old for medicine taking time (a NIGHTMARE with that one!!!) several times/day . . . I HAD to be fit to accomplish it all.

Tomorrow will be Doctor Trip #5, but it is for a follow-up and will hopefully be the green light to get back to the basic antibiotic regimen. Pneumonia is for the birds. Heck, I wouldn't even wish it on birds (and I'm not a fan of birds - go ahead, ask anyone). But we're going to get through it, thanks to the team of folks pitching in to take care of these sweet kiddos.


teacherwoman said...

Great post! I hope you can get in a run tomorrow!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Hopefully good health is just around the corner for your family. Way to survive a tough week. :-)

Pavement Runner said...

Way-to-go Super Husband!

Fitness Surfer said...

Hope Little Sister gets the green light and gets back to her little old self again. My boys have had a rough winter as well. I am amazed at what Drs can do and how much help they can be.

My oldest had the croup and was panicked out of air. A steamy shower room opened him right up, and then the next day a breathing treatment and steroid opened his air ways long enough for his immune system to do the rest.

Sick kids is exhausting. Hope you're able to get some rest.

It's been a rough winter and were ready for spring =) I live on the third floor and count carrying 50lbs of kids as part of my exercise for the day as well =).

Stacy Nyikos said...

Yeesh. That sounds horrible. I'm so happy for you that you have so many supportive people helping out. It sounds like you need a day of sleep at least!