Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting with a Thankful (and Healthy!) Heart

Everyone in our home is healthy after a month of ear infections, pneumonia, bad colds and even the stomach flu! I feel like shouting that from the rooftops and then tap dancing around the kitchen! Good health is priceless. It is by far the thing I am most thankful for today because good health just oozes into all kinds of other good things . . .

1. A friend of mine reminded me that March 8th is International Women's Day. I'll be using the day to celebrate the inner beauty and strength of women who run - and if I can pull it off, gathering some girlfriends to head out for a casual 5K (if nothing else, I'll do it myself)! Know of someone who needs a pick-me-up or reminder of her inner beauty? Place an order for a signed (and personalized!) copy of We Are Girls Who Love to Run by Friday, March 6th and I'll knock $5 off the price for you in honor of International Women's Day. Email me at for details!

2. We took a walk with our dog this afternoon. We were gone for about 40 minutes, but only went about two blocks. Along the way we looked at rocks, examined buds on trees, kept Albus from following his nose too far (there are MANY good smells when you are a dog and the weather is nice!!), and practiced balancing along the edge of the sidewalk. Maybe this is the pure joy MizFit was describing today.

3. Everyone's appetite is back on track! After a few weeks of bland foods, we're slowly expanding our dining horizons back to normal. Tonight we're venturing into the truly exciting - taco salad!!

4. Now that I'm back on track with eating, I can return to my workouts! I walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill on Friday, took a break this weekend (I kept eating at inopportune times for running this weekend), and started back on my strength training today with a balance ball workout. I feel stronger already and look forward to a run tomorrow morning!

5. I'm going to an open house tonight for a preschool possibility for Little Sister. It is a cooperative pre-school, so I'd go with her one morning/week and then she'd go without me the second morning each week. There are also great parent education classes that are a part of the program. Everyone wins!

Have a glorious, healthy week everyone . . . and send in those orders so you can have your copy of We Are Girls Who Love to Run in time for International Women's Day!!

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teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great walk. Happy belated anniversary to you and hubby as well!