Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Are Dogs Who Love to Run - 2nd Installment

Albus is proud to continue his influence on my writing of We Are Dogs Who Love to Run. Be sure to read the 1st Installment of We Are Dogs Who Love to Run before you read further.

And now I give you:

We Are Dogs Who Love to Run - Part 2 (a spin-off of We Are Girls Who Love to Run)

by Brianna K. Grant (c) 2009

"I take care of my body.

I gulp down the nutritious kibble provided by my family, supplementing my diet with only the most flavorful morsels that fall to me under the table. I sleep peacefully several times a day and all through the night, dreaming that my swift paws are racing across the fields at the dog park to retrieve balls. My health radiates from my bright eyes and fast-wagging tail.

I express my feelings.

I sing and bark with friends when we meet to walk the trail with our humans. I retreat to my crate for alone time when I'm feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by the high energy of the children in my house. I show compassion when others are in need, brightening them up with gentle kisses or climbing into their laps for snuggles.

I am strong.

My body becomes more flexible as I run. My ears flap and my spirit soars. I gently pull on the leash to encourage my master when she starts to feel sluggish on a long run and acknowledge her fortitude with nose nudges when we cool down. On days when I am not chosen as a running buddy, I offer my support with a welcome home wag upon my human's return. I let myself take extra long naps in the sunshine to let my body recover from its physical exertion.

I am lovable.

I share my energy with everyone around me. I can fly over a bush in a single bound as I play chase with my family in the yard. I splash muddy water onto innocent bystanders after glorious swims in the river with my fellow canines. I have the patience to have my wiggly little humans crawl on top of me to read me their favorite books and the creativity to work my cuteness for extra treats."

And now, Kind Readers, I'm collecting "quips" from dogs who love to run to complete the book. The 3rd (and final) installment of We Are Dogs Who Love to Run will be posted on Valentine's Day. If you would like to contribute (on behalf of your dog) a statement about why he or she loves to run, please email me your submission for consideration by Wednesday, February 11th: brianna@balancedsteps.com.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

This made me chuckle

"I splash muddy water onto innocent bystanders after glorious swims in the river with my fellow canines."

J~Mom said...

Cute! I love the idea!