Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When it rains . . .

Thank you, Kind Readers, for your words of support and encouragement after my last post. Things actually got much worse before they got better (hence my extended absence) - and we're still on the mend here (though mostly better).

Here's a "fun" by the numbers look at our week:

1 - wicked ear infection
2 - cases of pneumonia
4 - cases of the stomach flu (I got it the worst, which is a mixed blessing)
7 - trips to the doctor in 11 days
2 - prescriptions for antibiotics
countless - trips to the bathroom
4 - home improvement shows on the DIY Network before the kids realized they weren't watching/sleeping through episodes of Curious George anymore
1 - night of my husband "sleeping" on the hallway floor so he could assist the rest of us through the horror that was Saturday night
2 - notes of appreciation for the star doctor and nurse that really came through for us
1 - cancelled vacation to Pennsylvania to visit family to reduce the spread/collection of old/new germs

The good news:

1. The ear infection is gone!
2. The pneumonia is gone!
3. The stomach flu is gone!

New challenges:

1. Getting Little Sister to take the last 3 days of her antibiotics (she gags, vomits, kicks and screams . . . often resulting in the need for doing doses more than once before they stay down - even after mixing the stuff in with other liquids).

2. Getting Mr. Music to pace himself with his new found energy so our days aren't as much of a roller coaster ride. Though putting my hands over my head and yelling, "Aaaaaggggggghhhhhh!" might not be such a bad coping strategy, at least for another day or two.

3. Helping my husband not feel so bummed about having to cancel the trip to see his family (see all 3 of his siblings at once and meet our new nephew, visit his grandma . . . you get the picture).

4. Returning to my workout schedule. I'm not eating much just yet, so I can't do too much too fast. Any ideas for how to get back into running/strength training after missing a week and having the flu???

I look forward to "visiting" with you all here and on your blogs as I get back in the groove this week. And thanks again for the bloggy love . . . this running mama really appreciated it!

I hope this week is a healthy one for you!


Pavement Runner said...

Sounds like it is a family effort for the road to recovery.

Have they marked off a spot for you in the Dr.'s parking lot? Sheesh... 7 trips in 11 days.

As for coming back to running from the flu... it is going to start with hydration and slow miles to begin with. Fluids are the biggest loss during the flu, so Gatorade and water will be your friend. I'd start off slow and mix in some walking. Hope the fam feels better.

sarah said...

That sounds horrible! Everybody sick at the same time...oh yuck. The illness factor gets better as your children get older. And this time of year is the worst for germs and bugs. Feel better soon!