Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick House

This is the view we were treated to on Monday morning - surprise snow and an unusually beautiful/eerie sky. I didn't get a chance to share it with my usual Starting with a Thankful Heart post because I've been busy taking care of two sick kids.

I've lost count of the number of weeks our family has been plagued by some sort of cold/infection. We finally threw up (no pun intended) the white flag and I took the kids to the doctor.

The first trip was on Saturday afternoon after a morning of my son's incessant humming (which, as we learned last fall, is his "tell" for an ear infection). A quick visit to the doc (hooray for Saturday appointments!!!!) confirmed our hunch and we were able to get his antibiotics rolling right away.

Yesterday we went to see a second doctor (our regular one) because despite the meds, he got a fever. Turns out a mild case of pneumonia was lurking in his little self, too. And, Little Sister was starting to wheeze and her cough took a turn for the worse. Breathing treatments helped . . .

But today Little Sister has a fever. So, back we'll go. Even though her ears were clear yesterday, some infectious bacterial bugs could be rearing their wicked little heads somewhere in her today. Lovely. Cross your fingers that we can get through this quickly!

Thankfully through all of these weeks of illness, I've been keeping up with my workouts. My sanity is intact (more or less) thanks to my treadmill sessions and balance ball work. I'm so glad I haven't thrown the towel in on those because then I'm sure I'd be next on the sick list.

I'm also hoping that this strong base I'm building indoors will transfer well outside when I'm able to get back out on the pavement and trails again. I'd like to do a few 10Ks this year and maybe even a half marathon in the fall. If we can get everyone healthy, I think this will be my year to get back into some serious running!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Hope everyone in the family gets well soon!

teacherwoman said...

No fun. I hope everyone feels better fast!

Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) Sick kids is NEVER fun! Hang in there chica!

your "Health Assistant" said...

get well soon specially the kids

Pavement Runner said...

Sounds like a housefull of excitement... Hope everyone is on the road to recovery.

and PS, you should totally try to do a Half by the end of the year. It is my favorite race distance.