Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bamboo Sheets

I've been trying to get some time to write about my new focus to become more environmentally conscious, but I've been busy spring cleaning. I'm rounding out nearly a full calendar year of clearing out the junk that's bogging down our lives - games that are missing pieces, clothes I haven't worn in 4 years, shoes I don't remember ever wearing and wouldn't even think of wearing now, clothes the kids don't fit in, "keepsakes" from high school (time to let that stuff go, for sure, now that it has been over a decade!) . . . seriously, the kids shouldn't hold still for too long, because stuff is GOING and it is getting launched out of the house FAST!

But, while I'm busily decluttering, I did allow one new something to pass through our house doors - a new set of sheets for our bed. Not just any set of sheets - a set of bamboo sheets (we thought we were getting 100% bamboo, but ended up with a 60/40 bamboo/cotton mix). Here's what I really want to share (since I now have the energy after a nice 2.25 mile run!):


1. After just the pre-use wash, they were already softer than any sheets we've had for 2 years (when we upgraded to a King - another great decision!)
2. Getting into the sheets the first night was like slipping into a cloud
3. I slept better the week those were on my bed than I've slept in MONTHS
4. With more sleep, I've been more excited and energized for runs
5. They somehow regulate the temperature in the bed and my husband doesn't get too hot and throw all of the covers onto ME (talk about feeling HOT - geez!) and then get cold and steal back all of the covers again (leaving me with the chills!)
6. I can't imagine what a 100% bamboo set would be like . . . you'd probably never get a review from me because I'd never get out of bed!

There is one note of caution I should share:

If you are an early morning fitness enthusiast, you might want to avoid these sheets . . . you won't want to get out of bed in the morning!

More about my new dedication to becoming more "green" next time . . . my daughter is stirring from her nap and my son is probably going to start doing his "I'm hungry" song and dance for his lunch. Time to put on that Mama hat of mine . . .

**** Edit **** Speaking of Spring Cleaning . . . for some GREAT decluttering tips check out what Leo has to say at Zen Habits. I would have posted the link sooner if I had found it sooner! You can bet I'll be doing some of these things this week - my closet is on the list of things to tackle!


Marcy said...

Uggghhh I hear you on getting the Spring Cleaning done. It amazes me how much junk I keep.

Running Knitter said...

I'm going to tackle cleaning out my closet this week too. Thanks for the tip on the bamboo sheets - I've been looking to buy a set.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I need to get some more sheets for the kids beds...maybe i'll look for bamboo. but then they might NEVER get up on teh weekends. LOL

Mommie Mikeworth said...

I am TRYING to be more "green" too! AND I am in desperate need of new sheets! Bamboo, here I come! I love the new Clorox products, Green Works-they smell great. And in an effort to KEEP sippy cups gone I found these,, for when we take the girls to the park, or on a hike (wagon ride, etc.) They have a sippy adapter, so they are kid friendly too!

carla said...

(love sen habits)

we have bamboo floors which I ADORE and they have the added bene of not deterring me from my workout as we also have a bullmastiff (read: im not temped to loll about on em in case there are any stray hairs or drool :))

happy monday--


Jess said...

I did some closet cleanign this weekend too. I got rid of 4 bags of clothes and 2 bags of shoes (one whole bag was old running shoes -- why was I holding onto them?)!

Those sheets sound fabulous -- I'll have to check in to them.

chia said...

Bamboo socks are the bee's knees as well - seriously cannot beat the sweat wicking and antimicrobial abilities of these things. I have a couple of pairs of black dress socks and a pair of "sporting" bamboo socks and they rock the house. The price tag is daunting, however, very much so worth it as they never fade, stain, or seem to lose their "cool."

Suzy said...

I'm spring cleaning too! Man it feels good.

Jess said...

ohh bamboo sheets, I've heard they are super comfy to sleep on...

everyone's been bitten by the spring cleaning bug it seems!