Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quest for Self-Improvement

Lately I've been immersed in reading blogs:

- about runners improving their times/distance/strength/dedication to a plan/training for a race. I keep silently shouting, "I want to do that, too!"
- about families making changes to be more eco-friendly and balanced. I keep silently shouting, "I want to do that, too!"
- about illustrators and authors working on new projects. I keep silently shouting, "I want to do that, too!"
- about people going on VACATION. I jump up and down shouting (and praying the house rattling and yelling doesn't wake my napping children), "Now I DEFINTELY want to do that!"

I don't know about you, but I can't keep the first three of those balls in the air at once, let alone sneak in the fourth (which will definitely cause the others to CRASH to the ground).

I DO have things I'd like to improve (that's the driven perfectionist in me), but think maybe at this stage in my life (wife, mother of 2 kids under the age of 4, author of newly-released book) that I should focus on ONE of those things right now (because being perfect is WAY out of reach, and my housekeeping is proof of that!).

The one that has been nagging at me the most is the first one. I keep talking/blogging/dreaming/mentioning plans to run a 10K in June, but I'm discovering that wishing and hoping just isn't making it happen. 2 fluffy runs (if that, some weeks) and a yoga class just isn't going to cut it each week to make that goal happen. I need a plan that I can sink my teeth into and make mine. I need to own this goal and turn it into a reality. I need some motivation, people! I need my yellow hat to grow a megaphone to get me in gear!


Running Knitter said...

You can do it! Check out Hal Higdon's 10K training program - 3 runs per week and some cross training. Don't make me have to knit you a yellow hat and send it to you! :)

J~Mom said...

Oh boy do I understand!!!!! It's so hard to balance everything. I wish so much that I had this desire for exercise when I was younger and actually had time. I think you can totally do the 10k!! 2 short and 1 longer run a week is all it would take. The best thing for me is to print the schedule and then each week commit the time to do it. The days and times of days can all move around as long as you hit those 3 workouts. That is how I am doing my Oly training right now but just with the bike and swim as well. I can talk your ear off all day about this. LOL

On a separate note I got a package in the mail!! LOVE IT!!!! Can I review it on my blog? Can't wait to start showing it off!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

OMG, I was going to say about what Java did. :D Wise wise woman. You can totally do a 10k with 2 shorts and a long. I did! Print it out and do it.

I've had these struggles lately, more like juggling than balancing. My husband says it needs to be more balancing less like juggling. Huh. :D It's really hard when you are a perfectionist. Picking one is an option or doing a little in each is also an option.

Good luck with this!

Michelle said...

You can totally do a 10K - it wouldn't require a crazy intense training schedule at all. And just think of how accomplished you'll feel when it's done!

The juggling/balancing act is very, very tough, though.....