Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sports Pottery and other good stuff!

I just joined The Runner's Lounge and have been having some fun exploring it. I'm not usually a sucker for ads, but the ad for this place caught my eye because it is something TOTALLY DIFFERENT than the usual sports products I've seen (including the Runner's Diarrhea ad that keeps popping up on my blog - not sure how THAT one found me, I don't recall writing about it!!!): Sports Pottery (image below found at Sports Pottery).

Anyhow . . . if you're looking for a cute gift to pair with my book (*ahem*: this is a great time to remind you that you can win a FREE copy of my book We Are Girls Who Love to Run by participating in my super cool Virtual Book Launch Party - and time is running out!) you might give these folks a look-see!

The sun was able to grace us with some warmth today (more of a peek-a-boo game with the clouds), so the kids and I walked up to the park for some outdoor play. It was the PERFECT plan, because now they are both ZONKED and sleeping so I'm knocking out some big to-dos before joining the LIVE Teleseminar with Kathrine Switzer (I'm SO excited to finally "meet" this AMAZING MARATHON WOMAN!!!). My dad is graciously watching the kiddos while my mom and I enjoy the call (you can also catch the webcast if you miss the call!) and I have BBQ chicken in the crock pot so dinner will be ready when we finish with the call. I actuall thought AHEAD on this . . . can you believe it?!

I'm trying to think ahead to next week, which is bound to keep me running in circles:

ALL WEEK - super fun Virtal Book Launch Party HERE!!! I'm still looking forward to getting YOUR entry (hint, hint - send it to: girlsrunning@hotmail.com!)!

Monday - phone interview for a great website (I'll let you in on it when it goes live!)
Tuesday - general life stuff (and hopefully a RUN!) and the rehearsal for the Girls on the Run of Puget Sound auction in Seattle
Wednesday - childcare swap day, kids at MY place in the afternoon
Thursday - AUCTION! (I get to meet Sally Bergesen from Oiselle women's running apparel - she's the guest speaker!)
Friday - my kids spend the morning with friends (thanks to that great childcare swap!), Friday night is the LAUNCH PAR-TAY!!!

And now . . . on to my next task . . . now where did I put that list of things to do???


Giovenale Nino Sassi said...

I do not understand your language but .... (sob!) are okay with you.

Jess said...

Kid swap sounds like an interesting form of childcare. Except for the part where all the kids are in your care.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

ha ha, Jess.

Sounds like you are keeping very busy -- that's success for ya!

Rachel said...

My two favorite things regarding running: Switzer and Oiselle!


carla said...

saw your piece on fitness for mommies!

SO GREAT----we need to get you on the MizFit.


J~Mom said...

Oohh that potter looks neat! As does the chilcare swap! I need to do more of that!