Sunday, April 20, 2008

Refreshing Sunday

While it is STILL snowing (thankfully, it isn't sticking), today has been a refreshing day. My parents had the kids for an overnight last night, so my husband and I enjoyed an evening out and the opportunity to sleep-in this morning. I couldn't sleep later than 7:45 (I must be broken), so I got up and checked my email, read a few blogs and then decided that the morning stillness was just what I needed to motivate me to go for a run before my husband finally greeted the day. He enjoyed the warmth of our rockin' bamboo sheets until about 8:30 (that's a good 2 hours longer than he usually gets!) and was fine catching up with his own computer-related work in his jammies while I wrapped up a "quick" 20 minute run.

After getting ready to go out for a kid-free brunch (yummy french toast with special cinnamon cream and glazed apples - so decadent!), it dawned on me that today was the US Women's Marathon Olympic Trials in Boston. A quick google search led me to the exciting results:

1st - Denna Kastor (2:29:35)
2nd - Magdalena Lewy Boulet (2:30:19)
3rd - Blake Russell (2:32:40)
4th (alternate for the Olympic Team) - Tera Moody (2:33:53)

These women are FAST (oh, so much faster than the casual 10 minute miles I was plodding while they were hammering out their under-6 minute miles or so - but I bet we all had fun)!!! You can read more about the excitement on the Olympic Trials site - and hopefully see some photos soon.

Congrats to all of the Marathon Trials runners this morning, especially the Trials runners from my neck of the woods (Washington State): Gwen Greiner (2:44:25), Caryn Heffernan (2:46:25), Marlene Farrell (2:52:58).

And to everyone who laced on their running shoes or bike cleats or suited up for a swim today (or went for a hike, took the dog/kids for a walk, practiced yoga, mowed the lawn, salsa danced, or whatever!): celebrate your strength and fortitude, too! No matter your speed, celebrate your dedication to your athletic side and the positive role model you are for the next generation of leaders.


Michelle said...

Ugh - snow?! Even if it didn't stick, that's still depressing at this time of year.... The kid-free brunch sounds lovely, though : )

Anonymous said...

Snow??? And, sleeping till 7:45 would be wonderful! I haven't been able to get past 7:00!