Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday - Here We Go (it started with a run!)

My sleeping for the past few months has been shotty at best. Most nights I end up reading from about 10:30 - 11:00 to have some down time and then lie awake until about midnight or later. More often than not in the last month you'd be likely to find me engaged in my yoga practice around 2:30 in a desperate hope that it would focus my mind and stretch my body to be relaxed for sleep. Sure enough, that worked, but the kids are up at 6:45 or 7ish, so my sleep was inevitably cut shorter than I'd like. Vicious cycle. Over and over. And over and over and over and over and . . . I think you get the picture.

One cannot function this way with two kids at home and a career that needs nurturing. Not to mention the lack of SANITY that ensues! And you've certainly seen how it has affected my blogging (2 posts/week - at best), because blogging is pretty close to the bottom rung of what needs to be done in life, as fun as it is.

Saturday night I made a firm stand that my sleep would get back on track. I took some melatonin (smallest dose available) and my husband got up with the kids yesterday morning so I could get a full night's rest. It worked! I was asleep around 10 (much better time!) and got up around 8:30. Granted I didn't get out of my pajamas ALL DAY (really, I changed right before bed . . . something that's probably only happened 1 or 2 other times in my entire life - not counting my bout with mono . . . ), but the result was a better-rested and more patient woman. Whew!

Wanting to go for my runs in the morning instead of evenings like I've been doing all summer, I made a plan a few weeks ago to get up at 5:30 or 6:00 so I can run before my husband leaves for work. This is also good in theory because I'm happiest if I can get in a morning shower and feel clean all day. With night running, I've been showering at night. While it is nice to go to bed clean, I've spent the summer craving my morning shower and I just can't justify 2 showers/day. I'm trying to be environmentally conscious, people!

So I took a melatonin again last night (but won't tonight - I'm just trying to jump start my natural sleep rhythm again and don't ever like to rely on chemicals). I was alseep by 10 again and when the alarm went off at 5:45, I was able to open my eyes and think, "Today's Monday. My running clothes are out and ready. Cool!" My husband grunted some sort of greeting and I threw on my gear, leashed up the very happy Albus dog, and headed out.

Though my eyes may not have been totally open until I hit the top of the hill (a good 3 minutes into the run), it didn't matter because mornings here are ultra foggy and there was nothing to see until I reached the top anyhow. And, I had my trusty guide dog.

It was a 25 minute run with a few little walk breaks (and a little potty break for Albus because he was too excited to pee before we left), but it averaged out to be 10:00 miles for 2.5 miles. Not bad for the first early morning run in months! And my mind is alert and clear - woo hoo!

So, now I'm home, showered, dressed and blogged and it is just now 7:02 and the kids just came scampering in to see me. THIS is how to start the week - with accomplishment! I can get used to this.

Wishing you a great week filled with happy running!


Running Knitter said...

Glad to hear you are back to a good night's sleep and morning runs. I love running in the morning. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel you on the sleep. I fall into bad sleeping patterns too. On average it takes me at least 1 hour to fall asleep, it doesn't matter if I go to bed early or late. Glad you are breaking the cycle.

Nice run too.

Nitmos said...

You did more before 7:02 than I've done all year (before 7:02).

Anonymous said...

Hope your morning runs help your sleep