Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday - Hanging in There!

For those of you looking for the book review yesterday, my apologies. Life happens! Come back next week for the scoop on Carol Goodrow's new book with a guest review from my mom.

I'm not sure how today is Thursday already. It seems like just yesterday that I was cheering about the fresh paint job in our Master bath - which continues to make me smile, BTW - but that was Monday and yesterday was really Wednesday. Holy moly!

I had planned to go for a long run this morning, but I didn't sleep so well (but one night out of four ain't bad) and the kids were being returned at 7ish this morning from their overnight at my parents'. I'll revert to an evening run today and get up tomorrow to do more of my yoga/strength training routine before the kids get up. I'm dedicated to making this morning thing stick!

My husband and I had a good date night last night: take out from our favorite Mediterranean place that we haven't visited in awhile, a planning trip to Lowe's to talk about options for a possible kitchen remodel in our near future, and a viewing of The Dark Knight. We capped it off with a few minutes in the hammock under the stars - it was a warm, clear, quiet night, perfect for playing the "Where do you think that plane is going?" game as we tracked a few planes overhead.

So, on the work end of things, we're gearing up for some advertising. That means more work with writing copy, whittling down ideas until they're JUST right, and figuring out how to sqeeze as much as possible from our little budget. Tough work!

Off to feed my growing boy YET AGAIN! Have a good remainder of your week - the weekend is in sight, folks!


Running Knitter said...

Good for you for sticking with the morning routine. Have a great weekend!

teacherwoman said...

yes, this week has gone by soooo fast! Enjoy your weekend! :)