Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday:Starting With a Thankful Heart

Ah, Monday.

The kind of day when you walk a half mile up a hill with two small children with the promise of going to the park . . . and then the rain comes down.

And then, when you get home, the rain stops. The sun comes out.

And you consider starting the journey again, because, well, the kids could really use the excursion. And, let's face it - so can you.

But then the clouds return. And the rain starts.

And so you decide that lining up toy animals while making their sounds and spouting random pirate-isms sounds pretty darn good.

True story. Today's story, actually!

Today I am thankful for:

- the bouts of sunshine between rainshowers
- my son's adoration of chapter books (current read: Stuart Little)
- the new Japanese Maple we planted in our front yard on Saturday (and all the free water it has received since!)
- the fresh start of half-marathon training
- sweet toddler snuggles at bedtime

Have a wonderful week! Best wishes to all of you who sent your children off to school today for the exciting First Day of School!

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J~Mom said...

I love those snuggles!!