Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Monday!

There's been no question in my mind what day of the week today is. It's been clear from the moment the day started - today is MONDAY - ugh!
- 2 minutes into my run this morning (which I was hoping to do quietly without even music or a TV) my son woke up (6:35AM!)
- at the grocery store my daughter pulled the entire loaf of French Bread out of its bag and tried to eat it at the check-out
- at the same said moment my son was trying to climb out of the cart (this one has a car cab for a front & a traditional basket - he was in the cab) for the hundreth time
- my parents had to re-do the packaging for the review books we're mailing to 35 running publications 3 or 4 times for a handful of reasons (but it is done now - whew!)
- my daughter's afternoon nap was only 35 minutes (should be AT least an hour!)
BUT . . . the sun has been shining and so I'm able to dust off the frustrations and learn from them:
- I'll just have to get up earlier tomorrow (gulp!)
- I'll only grocery shop with ONE child in tow (President's Day threw that off for me today . . . but next time I'll just delay the trip!)
- This was the first batch of reviews to go out, so now we have an accurate picture of what the process entails and what needs to be included in each package
- daughter is taking a second afternoon nap now after a few trips down the hill and back (for someone who has only been walking for a few months, it is QUITE a good workout!)
- son is at his first ice skating lesson with super hero Dad, so I'm posting my blog early!
And . . . it is after 5, the sun hasn't yet set and the windows are open for a fresh breeze to blow away the stale winter air in the house, so the day can't be a manic Monday anymore!

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