Sunday, February 10, 2008

Runners, Runners EVERYWHERE!

As a mom of two young kiddos it is easy to get caught up in our own little family world and forget about all of the amazing on-goings beyond our home's walls. Sometimes I feel that our lives consist of nothing more than eat, sleep, repeat. Yes, I'm squeezing in work here and there, and I'm getting back into the swing of nearly daily runs (our 7 year old treadmill bit the dust and we had an icy, cold spell during the interlude between treadmill death and the arrival of our new one - leaving me with a week or so without a run).  But I'm truly anticipating the return of Spring-like days when I can REALLY get into the groove with Little Sister in the jogger while Big Brother is at school. But, really, I need to stop with the excuses and lace up those shoes!!!  Anyway . . .
Work has led me to hours and hours of research about running-related things - magazines, races, running clubs, training programs, coaches, youth programs, clothing, blogs . . . you name it, I've read about it! As fun as it is to dream about a snazzy new wardrobe to accompany me on my dive back into the sport I love so much, and as helpful as it is to have plotted races on my calendar as goals to fuel my fitness aspirations, I've been most motivated by other runners' blogs. The list is nearly endless - and their burning passions for running and sharing their experiences are limitless!!! 
If you get a second, take a minute to see what I mean (I am not responsible for any content posted on their blogs, nor am I suggesting that this is a comprehensive list of all the blogs that exist in the running world - this is a mere sampling of what I have discovered in the last week that I think is an exceptional representation of some good running blogging . . . ). Here we go:
Sarah Nixon from Fit Girls shares her insight about marathon training and fundraising here:
Kristin Armstrong, a Contributing Editor at Runner's World, seems to read my mind with some of her postings here:
The Marathon Mama, Kristina Pinto, dishes out inspiration about running and motherhood at:
Non-runner Nancy, a runner in the making, shares her love of the sport and living with a positive attitude at:
Holly, from TX, shares her desires for finishing a marathon after successfully completing several half-marathons on her blog:
I could go on and on and on . . . but see what these gals have to share - and you'll likely find links to other great blogs and articles. Thanks for inspiring me, Ladies!  Oh - and I should mention - I haven't even MET these gals - but that doesn't keep them from sharing words of wisdom with me and the thousands of other readers who enjoy their postings. What an amazing world this is!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Thanks for the shout out and the comments on my blog. I'd love to see you regularly and follow you. My God, woman, that picture of you is just gorgeous, too. :D

I'm pretty lenient with my race directing, I probably won't be going up in miles, maybe down, but I also let people put two or three runs together (what is the fun if people want to participate and feel like they can't), plus it's my thing, so I can do what I want. wink wink.

Hope to see you around. :D


J~Mom said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I can tell you that the running/blogging community is an amazing bunch of people. They are all so inspiring and caring. I have been blown away by the friendship, sharing and advice. I am guessing that you are finding out the same as you find and read the blogs.

Here is the story of when many bloggers got together..most of us meeting for the first run PF Chang's.

Thanks again for stopping by! I look forward to reading about how your running comes along! :>)