Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Run

Well, I didn't get up early to run yesterday. But, I did run - hooray!

The morning was filled with Valentine's Day preparations for my son's pre-school party. I had to ready his allergy-free cupcake (no egg, dairy or nuts) so he could have a special treat while his classmates enjoyed traditional cupcakes. We had to pop two batches of air popped popcorn to take as a snack to share with the class (Little Sister decided she should have popcorn for breakfast . . . well, why not, it is filled with healthy fiber!). We had to pack the valentines that he signed (all 19 of them - not bad for a 3 1/2 year old!!).

Here's tolerant Albus with his doting boy.

The afternoon was filled with excited tales of the special crafts the kids did at school, what treats everyone got to enjoy, and the THRILL of a bag filled with valentines! He sat on the couch and poured out the bag's contents onto his lap, just bathing in the wonder of so many notes of love. We sat and deciphered the signatures, one card at a time, truly soaking-in each card, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over each one. They are a brilliant mix of handmade and store-bought/hand-signed cards. Then there was the challenge of keeping the frilly, shiny, cards out of the hands and mouth of the curious little one!

The kids rounded out their day with Valentine's Day excitement at my parents' house. That allowed my husband and I to have a night to ourselves, which we kick-started with turns on the treadmill. We had planned to get outside for a run together, but by the time I had the kids settled at my parents' and he got home from work, there wasn't enough daylight left. STILL, we both got to run AND my run was nearly twice as long as it is if I run in the morning. Hooray! And then we enjoyed take-out from our favorite little restaurant in town (okay, it is tied for favorite with a Mediterranean Restaurant - Zanzania - we'll eat there next week!) Pho Saigon.

Ready to go on her sleepover - her bag is packed!

Though Little Sister is not feeling her best (off and on fever, a bit of a runny nose, two lower teeth threating to break through), it was still a nice day overall and I have some sweet pictures that give a happy-all-over feel - ah, there's just nothing like living excitement of holidays through children's eyes!

A sweet sibling moment.

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