Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sleep or a Run????

I'm sure this is the burning question for many parents of young children. It has been my question of the week. Twice this week I have opted to forego a run and sleep for an additional 20-30 minutes. My eyelids and part of my brain (the part that regulates patience, particularly) think this is an excellent choice. The other part of my brain and the rest of my body are sad that they lost out on 2 runs.
Our son has been fighting some sort of bug - mild compared to the ear infections and sinus goop that plagued our house off and on ALL fall and early winter - so he's struggled with falling asleep. While this shouldn't seem like a real sleep squelcher for the parents, it is. When the kiddos go to bed my husband retreats to his computer to work on his on-line graduate class while I plant myself in front of my own computer to finalize things on my to-do list that didn't get accomplished during nap times (which is often MANY items long). We TRY to finish up our work by 9 to relax and hold uninterrupted conversations, but this week we haven't rendevoued until closer to 10 each night . . . not good for the necessary unwinding period before bed. This has put us in bed closer to 11 instead of the targeted 10, making it all the more difficult to pry myself out of bed at 6 to get in a run before said son wakes (anywhere between 6 and 7:30 these days).
Insert drama from Little Sister. The same lovely little bug that has encrusted her brother's nose and made him a bit of a stinker behaviorally is interrupting her sleep now. She faught sleep last night (usually all you have to do is put her in her bed and she goes to sleep - YES, I know this is a treasured blessing!!!) and then was up for an hour at 3AM. I held my breath when I finally had her asleep and dared to put her back in her crib. Thank goodness she settled in before I passed out!  :)  My mom will confirm that in high school I somehow developed the habit of holding my breath when I get nervous. Not a healthy habit - I don't recommend it.  I have never passed out, but have had long periods of light headedness . . . you'd think after over a decade I would have acquired a different coping mechanism!  Hmmm . . . I think I got a bit off topic here, sorry . . . I need more sleep!
So, between getting to bed late and the hour interlude in the wee hours of the morning, the 6AM alarm just couldn't rouse this mama. I didn't even realize my husband had left for work this morning until I peeked at the clock (6:45AM) and realized that if I wanted a shower before both kids were up, I had better grab one immediately. Indeed that was a wise choice, for as I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair I was greeted by my son's chorus, "Good morning!  Mama, where are you? Where's Dad? Did he leave for work already? Am I going to school today? Hello!"  And no sooner did I towel off than Little Sister started in on her sweet wake-up cooing, apparently unaware that she had caused us both to miss an hour of sleep.  Ah . . . the resiliance of kids!
Little sleep or a good helping of sleep - no matter the dose tonight, I'm resigning myself to a 6AM wake-up to start my Valentine's Day with a run. It is time for my eyelids to take a backseat to the rest of my neglected physique - and for me to take care of my HEART on this holiday of hearts - and even energizing me so I can enjoy a date with my husband at the end of the day!  There - I've talked myself into it.  Tomorrow I run.
And now . . . I have 7 more minutes to complete my tasks for the day so I can get to bed on time to put the plan into action.
Have a great Valentine's Day!

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