Monday, February 4, 2008

My new look

I'm not a girly girl. I'm not really a tomboy, either. I've always sort of walked the line - I enjoy getting dressed up and twirling around in a skirt every now and then (lately just once or twice a year is as frequently as I have occasion to do so), but I'm most at home in a pair of worn jeans, a t-shirt and my face au natural. I enjoy going to the salon to get my hair done, but only visit Shawna for a cut three or four (at the MOST!) times a year. Today was the day for one of those treasured appointments and I was feeling spunky.

My last haircut was in early October. She did a nice, clean cut with some subtle layers that enabled me to grow my hair long with no fuss. This morning my hair was a few inches past my shoulder. Tonight the longest pieces tickle my chin. Big change!

The great thing about haircuts is that hair grows back, and as my husband says, "You're still the same person." But they're also great for feeling refreshed and rejuvinated. It certainly helped that my son squealed "You look NICE!" when I got home and spent his bathtime drenching his hair with water so it could be smooth and flat like mine. Even the little sister smiled and flapped her arms in approval! My husband likes the new look, though less vocal about it, his sparkling eyes and silent nod let me know that the change is a good one.

We'll see how it does when I run, but first impression is that it will be fine with a simple clip to pull back the front pieces out of my eyes. I think I'm going to like this fun, fresh new look. It is a great way to celebrate the launch of We Are Girls Who Love to Run . . . and it literally lightens the load on my shoulders - Shawna must have cut close to a pound of hair off my head!

When I step into my grown-up, working clothes, it will be fun to see my complete transformation - and I might even slip into those fun "girly" outfits more often, just for a twirl!

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