Friday, February 29, 2008

Personal Growth

I did it - I called 26 running publications in 2 days. What an appropriate number that is. I also sent an email follow-up, so could that count as .2 and bring me up to 26.2?! The anxiety and excitement of it all WAS reminiscent of my marathon!

The feedback I got on my book (press releases and copies of the book went out to them last week) was mixed, but encouraging . . . leading me to the next item on my ever-growing list of things to do. We have another batch of books to send to influential folks next week, which will again require follow-up calls. AND I have emails to send to people who requested follow-ups that way. This experience of making contacts is helping grow my confidence in spreading the word of my book over the phone. I'm reaching beyond my comfort zone and finding that it DOES provide positive results.

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J~Mom said...

Have you thought about promoting your book in the schools? My daughter's school brings in authors all the time and the kids buy signed copies that day. We have learned of several great books/authors that way.