Friday, May 2, 2008

Refusing to Miss a Run Pays Off

Sometimes life throws a wrench in your plans . . . or even two. BUT, with a little creativity and some determination, you can still make Plan A work (note: this is not ALWAYS possible, but I'm happy to report I was able to work it this morning!).

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And now, kind reader . . . back to your regularly scheduled blog entry:

Last night was supposed to be treasured Date Night. It started well, but took a bit of a turn.

- When I dropped off the kids, they were both smiling. So were my parents. The sun was even shining!
- I went to yoga without my husband, as he's testing out the new bus system in our efforts to help save the earth (and money) and couldn't make it back in time.
- My hubby called in our take out order . . . I picked it up on my way home after yoga
- We were about to take our dinner downstairs to watch some TV while eating (*gasp* - NOT romatic for Date Night, but a rare treat that we just couldn't resist) when the phone rang . . .
- My poor mom was sick, so we needed to pick up the kids
- We inhaled dinner through 10 minutes of My Name is Earl and then I went to get the kids
- Our regular night time routines ensued, but then . . . at 2AM, Little Sister decided she was cold and the only possible way she could relax and go back to sleep was to sleep in our bed . . . horizontally . . . with her feet in my face . . .
- my clothes were set out so I could get up at 5:45 with my husband (who is now getting up at this unimaginable hour to take the bus - my hero!) to run before cleaning the house and fetching the kids . . . and having 2 kids come over for the morning
- with Little Sister in bed, there was no way to safely do that, so I "slept" until 7ish, when Mr. Music (her nearly 4 year old brother) came singing and dancing into the room proclaiming that we should all be awake since he was. And, so we were.

I could have ignored my neatly piled running attire for another day, but I knew that I set a goal on Monday at Go Workout Mom to get in 3 runs this week and if I didn't run this morning that my goal would be dead in the water. SO, I cleaned like a mad woman for an hour (while feeding the children and doing a little Mary Poppins-like maneuver to make cleaning seem fun to get them to help) and then decided to try something new . . . something daring . . . something that I'm sure thousands of moms across the country do on a daily basis, but I've been too scared to try . . .

Are you ready? Take a deep breath . . .

I let my kids play while I ran on the treadmill.

Is that ALL, you ask? Yup. That's all, folks. BUT, for me . . . it was a big breakthrough. I'd done it regularly when I could plop Little Sister in the play pen or the exersaucer, but she's WAY too mobile and big for those lifesavers anymore, so it really has been about 4 months since I've been able to run while the kids are awake and not being entertained by another able body. And, for the most part, it was great!

I DID have to stop the treadmill twice to redirect my stubborn son from leaving the room (with the door open to the stairs - NOT good for Little Sister) and from exploring some of his Dad's tools. I also had to stop once to keep my daughter from riding our poor dog like a horse (despite my attempts while running to get the dog to move BEFORE she swung her leg around . . . you'd think he would have seen that coming!). But, for the first go at this, I'll take it. It was just the jump start I needed for my day and the step I needed to get toward my goal. It also gives me hope that as I really get my running back on track (I couldn't help the pun, sorry) that I have this option available to me for the days that an outside run just doesn't happen.

I am a runner. I am strong. I can DO this! Duvall Days 10K, I'll be ready for you!

What tips do YOU have to entertain your troops so you can run? How do you carve out time in your day for YOU and your goals?


Suzy said...

I just started running on the treadmill while the kids co-exist around me, and so far, so good. How old is little sister? My daughter is almost 3, and she seems to understand not to come too close while I'm running. The thing that worked for me was to push the couches around me so in order for her to get close enough to hurt herself she needs to climb up and over the couches, which gives me enough time to stop her. It's not my favourite way to run, but it does the job in keeping my fitness up so that I can keep enjoying my running outside.

Anonymous said...

Hope your mom is feeling better. I can totally see why you needed to stop on the treadmill! I get my running in when my daughter goes down for bed, during nap (in the winter), and I wake up extra early on weekends to get in the long run. Having a supportive husband helps too.

Jess said...

I take it, giving them a benedryl and locking them in the closet are not acceptable tips?

Great job getting it done and remaining determined to do so!

CAP said...

Awesome, Brianna! Way to run when life throws all those crazy curve balls.