Sunday, May 4, 2008

The calm before the storm

I'm gearing-up for a big week of running celebrations (Girls on the Run of Puget Sound auction and the Launch Par-tay for my book!) and supporting youth (the auction, my son's first music concert), so I spent the weekend enjoying life with my family because I'll be away just about every evening this coming week.

Other than fitting in my third run of the week (hooray!), Saturday was rather unmemorable and tiring (I don't remember specifics because I've tried to push them out of my mind, but I believe the day was heavy with children whining and eating - they're both going through growth spurts and didn't sleep well the night before . . . come to think of it, the adults may have been whining, too, by the end of the day).

(Yes, these adorable kids who were engrossed in the sandbox for nearly an hour were the same two who were unbearable yesterday - I find it hard to believe sometimes, myself!)

But TODAY, the glorious day that it was, was SO good that I brought out the camera to document it (well, part of it, anyhow)!

(My daughter ready for the day with a hat to shade her eyes from the bright sun that we haven't seen much of in MONTHS!)

- the run for the day was gifted to our dog, Albus, who spent about an hour frolicking around the dog park while we enjoyed watching and following him around. Today was a good day to be a dog!

- a trip to REI for some new yoga pants for me and bike lock-related stuff for my husband (who is now riding his bike to catch the bus to work!) had us smiling . . . the kids were thrilled that we finally made the switch over to SIGG bottles because they are now the proud new owners of some neat-o new water bottles (my son's has gorillas, my daughter is getting my old purple one and I got a sweet new red one, which she proudly carried for me).

- The day was TOO nice to pass-up a picnic at the park, so we swung past Whole Foods to get the best picnic lunch I've ever had - custom sandwiches for all (that translates into a tomato/mozzerella/basil one for me!), potato salad for the grown-ups, fruit salad for all . . . yum!

- We capped off our excursion with the picnic at a park we'd never visited - which turns out to have a mini farm where we enjoyed seeing goats, a VERY pregnant pig, horses, bunnies, young chicks . . . we'll definitely return!

- The afternoon was spent fully engaged in PLAY - play in the backyard, our daughter's first time in the sandbox, wagon rides galore, and we pulled out the play tunnel after dinner for one last dose of giggles and fun.

(The day was so nice, our son just couldn't keep his shirt on and my husband and I took turns pulling them around and around and around the back yard in the wagon)

(There's nothing like being chased through a tunnel by your big brother while the static attacks your hair!)

I now feel fully rejuvinated and ready to tackle the week!

I hope YOU feel ready to hit "send" to pass along your favorite snack or post-run recipe, a photo of yourself running or a lovely little blurb about what makes you passionate about running . . . because I'm looking forward to sharing it with my readers this week for the Virtal Book Launch that kicks off TOMORROW!! Email your entries to: with the title Virtual Book Launch Entry so I know it isn't junk!

And WHY should you feel inclinded to participate?

I'm so glad you asked! By participating in the party you'll be entered to win one of 3 FREE copies of We Are Girls Who Love to Run! If you already own a copy, this will be a copy you can pass along to your favorite gal (whether or not she runs!) or to your local school library. See - you have NOTHING to lose and a fun new book to GAIN! :)

See you at the party, folks . . . it starts tomorrow and goes ALL week! Now, how's THAT for a party?!


J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!! It's partay week!! I am off to find my picture right now!

Jess said...

Parrrrttttyyyy all week!! (must remember to send you my pic when I get home from work!)

Running To Stand Still said...

That sounds like a great day in my book! Trip to whole foods, picnic, lots of fun family time. Your kids are adorable!!!