Friday, May 9, 2008

In Over My Head!

Hey there, happy readers!

I know you're here lookin' to meet some celebrities . . . but I took a step back to look at my week before crashing into bed last night and realized that I took on WAY too much stuff this week (here's where my family looks at me and says, "You THINK?!"). You will meet them, I promise - just NOT today!

So, like all awesome parties, this one will run a little late, which I think is quite fitting since it got a late start (that part bugged me because I'm always . . . nearly always . . . um, okay since the kids have come along it is more like "usually" on time for things).

So, if you are a local reader, I hope to see you at the in-person launch this evening! Can't make that? Maybe you're up for a run tomorrow morning in Seattle - the Nike 5K for Kids event takes place tomorrow and I'll be somewhere near the finish line (perhaps near the yummy Jamba Juice booth - I could sure use a perk like that after this exhausting week!) to greet the young runners as they feel the release of endorphins that come with the satisfaction of finishing a great run and hopefully even sell a book or two (as an author, that IS what I have to do, afterall).

Happy Friday! And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a list a 10K long (no, Nancy, unfortunately it isn't really a 10K, but I wish it was!) to accomplish before I pick-up my kids at 8 . . . wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Brianna...What a nice blog. I've always said that kids need to find a passion. Once they find that first passion, life is never the same. Passion feeds the spirit. I'm so proud of you and your book. All you've learned to get it to publication, and out to those lives it will touch.

Uncle Bif

J~Mom said...

Take care of real life and we will be here waiting for the virtual party when you get back! :>D

Crabby McSlacker said...

Sounds like fun, wish i lived closer so I could stop by!

Although all those kids hyped on endorphins sounds a bit scary....

MizFit said...

hope the 5K was fun and that the weather cooperated!