Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kicking into Full Gear!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, knocking on wood and tossing some salt over my left shoulder just to be sure . . . but (to be read in a hushed tone): I think Winter's darkness has left and Spring is sticking around for awhile! Now THAT is news to cheer about after close to 7 months of grey skies and drizzle. To celebrate, my family has spent the last few days in ACTION:

- Thursday evening my husband and I ran a little over 4 miles, soaking in the fresh air, sunshine and time without kids (though we waved in their direction as we passed my parents' neighborhood!)

- Friday we spent the evening playing in the backyard (sandbox fun, weeding, mowing, etc.) - I did my treadmill work in the AM before retrieving the kids

- Saturday we went for bagels with my mom and then met her at the trail (she walked Little Sister in the jogger while Little Brother joined us for a bike ride - probably close to 5 miles with all of our double backs!) - upon return, my husband switched from his single speed to his road bike for a solo 15 mile ride.
*Photo credit: Novara Afterburner Trailer Bike

- Today we went for a hike . . . sort of a training hike for later in the season and the summer when we have our camping trips (it is good to test these things out in small does before a big event - almost like marathon training - you don't want to find out 2 miles out that you don't have the right gear/food/distracting songs/trail games to last an entire day!). Little Sister did about a quarter of a mile before deciding that riding in the pack would be a good way to go. But, at 15 months, she's going strong!
*Photo credit: Piggyback Child Carrier

- I think I'll work in a run this afternoon. The 10K is fast-approaching and I want to be sure I'm mentally ready for the hills. I'm definitely more ready now that I was about 3 weeks ago when I set my goals to run 3x/week, no matter what. I've kept with it - and have even added in the other stuff like bike rides, hikes and playtime outside with the kids. It is SO great to see that not only am I conquering my mental challenges, but I'm also seeing some results physically - I didn't recognize my calves in the mirror, they looked so strong!

Ah, the rejuvination of spring! And the wonder of REI gear that keeps us doing what we love to do! What are YOU doing to enjoy the return of sunny weather?!


Marcy said...

I'm glad someone is having some nice weather because we've been getting rain. BAH! Sounds like an awesome weekend :-)

J~Mom said...

So jealous of all of the outdoor family stuff! Would you believe it's almost too hot here for that?

You are going to do great at your 10k!! Keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

You weekend sounds fabulous!! How do you like the Piggyback Child Carrier?

Glad you are feeling better about the 10k, you're ready.

Steve Stenzel said...

YEAH for spring, REI, and family time!!

Running To Stand Still said...

That spring totally helps with the mental side of it too!! Good for you for setting a goal and sticking to it. Not easy to do with the little ones.

kara said...

I get tired just reading your post!
When do you rest?
; )

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

wanted to let you know that i got the book from Nancy.

Nice story, beautiful illustrations. You did a good job with it.

I'm going to try to share it with the local elementary school next year by reading to their Kindergarten class. I might be able to have someone read it in spanish as well as there are bi-lingual and ESL kids locally.


Jess said...

Yay for spring!

LisaN said...

I know spring is coming to most of the country, but here in LA it's almost getting hot. But, it's sure nice to do my power walk in shorts and a t-shirt, soaking in the CA sun..........:)