Monday, May 12, 2008

Celebrity Day (and a few other guests!)

I'm so glad you dropped by to enjoy the final installment of this fun little Virtual Book Launch! Thanks for your patience with me as I took care of "real life" experiences last week and spent time with my family for Mother's Day yesterday (we went on our first ever family bike ride - what a thrill!).

As I worked on We Are Girls Who Love to Run over the past 3 years, I've worked hard to reach out to the "everyday runner" - you know - girls just like your sister, daughter, neighbor, teacher, mother, grandmother . . . or even YOU! In my research and through my work to spread the word about the book, healthy self-esteem and running, I've come to meet and get to know some AMAZING women who may have started their experiences as everyday runners, but they now hold special places in the world of running and fitness as LEADERS!

The first woman I'd like you to meet is Carol Goodrow. If you are new to my blog or haven't had a chance to follow the link to her Runner's World affiliated site, do not pass go . . . do not collect your race medal . . . go directly there - PRONTO! Carol's site offers a WEALTH of resources, lesson ideas, running games, book reviews, and ways for runners to share their passion with our next generation of runners and world leaders. Want to know something even more amazing about this woman - she does all of this in her SPARE TIME!!! She's a full time educator, her second job is as author/illustrator of books for children about running, she runs religiously and then keeps this site updated. When I grow up, I want to be like Carol Goodrow!

Here's what Carol has to share:

"Here is a photo of me (front left) with Kenny Moore, author of Bowerman.
I am also with Nancy Eldert and Mary Pearch, college friends, whom I hadn't seen since 1974.
I was in Eugene, Oregon at the Eugene Marathon Expo last weekend.
My books are: The Treasure of Health and Happiness (most loved by kids), Happy Feet, Healthy Food (my best seller), and Kids Running (my newest book).
I ran the half marathon as a finish and I worked hard the last 3 miles, but I crossed the finish line with a smile on my face and then went out for pancakes!"

Not only does Carol work to get out the word about her own books, she's been one of my biggest cheerleaders . . . as you can see here:

If you are a runner, please support Brianna and other authors of children's running books. We do this work for you! Oh, why I love to run? There are a million reasons." - Carol

Thanks so much for coming by the party, Carol! It is an honor to have you!

Another leader in the running world this job has brought me to meet is Kathrine Switzer. Now, I guess I should admit here that I haven't yet shaken the hands of these women, but thanks to the world of email, we've gotten to know and support one another over the past few months and years. Like Carol, Kathrine is one BUSY, BUSY lady. I was kicking myself for not going across the state of Washington to Spokane for a second race weekend when I found out that Ms. Switzer was the keynote speaker and signing copies of her own book, MARATHON WOMAN at the Bloomsday Expo. But when I shared my disappointment with her, she assured me that our schedules are bound to cross our paths sometime soon. I love her optimistic attitude - surely she wears a yellow hat, right?! Her love of the sport simply radiates.

Though she has been an elite runner (she qualified for the Olympics the year the US boycotted them . . . can you imagine how THAT felt?), she still takes joy and pride in every race (and she runs PLENTY, even now that she's in her sixties) and took time to report to me, "Hey, I finished 2nd in my age group in the Bloomsday run!! yea!" And I'm sure that was no easy feat, as she was running with 60,000 others who love to run. Zowie! Congrats on a fabulous run, Kathrine!

Some of you may recognize our next party guest, MizFit, a fellow blogger and lover of fitness. Like me, she discovered her inner athlete later in life . . . and there is just NO stopping this woman now!

Here's what she has to share (part recipe, part inspirational story!):
food glorious food.

By MizFit

Once upon a time your MizFit was a new weight trainer.She joined a women-only fitness facility & started lifting with a passion. She loved it. The process of it. The way she FELT stronger. Empowered. How she looked? Well, that was another story. MizFit didnt look one bit different than she did prior to her newfound fitness endeavor. Why–you ask? Because she wasn't consuming enough protein to BUILD the muscles she was hoisting the weights to create (and, if you look here, the muscles which would also JUMP START her metabolism). Now, MizFit was just crazy enough that she—bitten by the ironbug—immediately turned to grilled chicken breasts and canned tuna. You? Perhaps you’re just crazy enough to try this MizFit-twist on an old American fave. Sure it’s a dessert-y treat but with all the good fats from the peanut butter AND the new found extra protein (and eliminated powdered sugar) you can still feel pretty dang virtuous about eating them!oh.feeling feisty? a bit MizFit-y as it were? TOSS IN SOME FLAX SEEDS. I dare you.

1 1/2 sticks butter softened (Brianna's comment: you might try a vegan alternative if you have dairy allergies at your house like I do!)
1 cup chocolate protein powder *
1 tablespoon vanilla
12 oz peanut butter (or if you’re allergic another nut butter should work - or, Brianna adds, soynut butter??)
12 oz chocolate chips

mix together ingredients (preferrably with hands whilst phone rings off hook & Toddler Tornado winds herself around legs).
roll into balls and refrigerate.

(I like to use this method for melting the chocolate chips both because it’s less messy and you have more control over how much you put on each buckeye.)
bring a saucepan of water to almostboiling.
shove a bunch of the chocolate chips into a zip-lock baggie.
dunk into the almostboiling until the chocolate is prettymuch melted.
Snip off corner and drizzle on top of chilled buckeyes.
Repeat until all buckeyes are covered or—as the Renaissance Man likes to call it— hatted.

*since we arent going low-carb here it doesnt matter AT ALL what kind of protein powder you use. name brand. store brand. ON SALE. Anything."

Thanks for those treats, MizFit! I bet a few of my readers are jotting down their grocery lists now and making sure to pick up some flax seeds to add to your buckeyes! With all of the recipes of the week, we should all be SET with some great new things to try with our families - and with motivation to keep running/walking/practicing yoga/swimming/hiking . . . MOVING those bods!
And now, a quick return, as promised, to a couple more of the folks who keep me inspired and keep me running.

First, I'd like to introduce you to my dad, Marty. A former US Air Force Officer, Rochester, NY city-wide tennis champ (pre-Air Force days) and self-proclaimed non-runner, my dad has recently come to know and love his inner athlete. This man got my mom to ride bikes with him by getting a tandem ("tam tam" my son calls it!). And my mom, in turn, got him to try yoga. The two of them now go to yoga at least twice/week and I have to say that my dad's "down dog" could kick my own "down dog's" tush any day of the week. He also enjoys snowshoeing, as you can see from the photo (he's leading the pack!). And, since I don't include too many photos of myself here, I'm adding a photo of me in snowshoes, too - we do enjoy these outings as a family!

This was 2 years ago . . . last year I had a newborn and this past year wasn't as safe, so we opted to not go. I'm hoping we can all return next Winter!

My mother-in-law is a tough-as-nails mother of four (2 boys, 2 girls) who's life mission was to get all of her children through college. She did it - and both girls are even in grad school now (though they're covering ALL of their own tuition expenses this time around - whew!). Pat isn't a runner, but you can find her just about any evening of the year out for a walk (snow and rain don't make her shy!). Here's what Pat has to share:

"Go outside! The best thing you can do for yourself is to go outside-take a walk-it is awesome.
It is always hard to get started as the dishes are calling you back or the laundry or the kiddos or the phone or the bills or you are just feeling sorry for yourself because it was a long hard day.
Just start walking-smile if you see anyone, say hello but don’t stop walking.
Stand up straight and swing your arms a bit and smile.
Look up at the sky and down at the ground.
Take some deep breaths and let them out slowly.
Walk for at least 15minutes somewhere away from all you have to do then walk a different way back.
Go back home and when everyone say WHERE WERE YOU? Just say,taking a walk and smile.

Ps Don’t take a cell phone or beeper –just be free."

I think I might post her message near my computer as a reminder to myself. It really is good advice! Thanks for taking time to share your wisdom with us, Pat. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive mother-in-law. I wish the same for everyone!

And finally, a recipe from my mom's big sister, Susan. She squeezed in her entry just in time! I'm happy to welcome her. Though she's not a runner, she knows all about living an active lifestyle - she's the mother of 4 boys, grandmother of 2 (with a third on the way!), award-winning PE teacher, and wife. Before heading out for the day to teach, she emailed this quickie note about the recipe (simply follow the link to get the ingredients & directions - no need to repost it here, right?!):

Spaghetti Squash Supreme

"It's tons of food for 2 and very tasty"

See, I told you it was quick! Thanks, Aunt Sue!

Well, there you have it, folks. Thanks for coming to the party! Winners of the drawing for the signed copies of We Are Girls Who Love to Run will be announced tomorrow!!!!

Thanks for spreading the word and inspiring those around you to discover their inner strength and keep their bodies moving!

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MizFit said...

(thank you for the shout out &) what a fantastic post.

Ive read it and will need to reread to really grasp all these amazing people (I love that you talked about your dad).

law of attraction, woman.

You attract what you are.