Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beating the Fog with Random Acts of Kindness

The fog has returned, but even though I can't see the house 2 doors down from me and we can't see the horses in the field to wave at them on our way to school, things aren't so bad. This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week, so we're getting through the heavy weight of the fog by doing extra special things for the people around us:

1. We brought yummy pasteries from our local bakery to Mr. Music's teachers on Tuesday . . . and one for my husband as a decadent after-dinner snack. A rare treat!

2. I wrote a note for my yoga instructor to let her know what an inspiration she is and how much we enjoy her classes.

3. We finally mailed the last batch of Christmas thank you cards!

4. Mr. Music has been holding doors open for others everywhere we go.

5. I offered to let a gentleman buying a single banana ahead of us in the grocery line yesterday. He politely declined, saying that getting my two kids through the line was much more important than his little purchase. I sincerely hope he didn't have to wait too much longer - that place was a madhouse.

6. Little Sister has started saying "I wuv you" which isn't random, but it certainly is something that makes my heart a bit fuller.

Tonight I'm off to a Ladies Night Out dinner with about 20 other moms from our little town. We'll be supporting one of our local restaurants (this is a HARD market, for sure) and enjoying some good ol' girl time.

My goal is to squeeze in a run while the kids have a picnic lunch down by the treadmill before we have a play date at our house and I make dinner for my husband and the kiddos. Whew! I'll REALLY need that dinner out when that time comes!

What Random Acts of Kindness can you generate this week??? Leave a little note about it!

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teacherwoman said...

It was foggy here this morning to! weird!

I love the random acts of kindness you guys are doing!