Friday, January 23, 2009

Women Who Inspire Me

I just got the hint of some really good news to come for We Are Girls Who Love to Run that has me jittery - I promise to keep you posted when I hear the final word. The combo of that and a truly amazing dinner with friends last night got me thinking about the book publishing journey over the last 2 years and the people in my life who inspire me and help me stay on this path. While a few men do stand out as cheerleaders and champions (my dad, my husband & my son are the big 3!), I'd like to give some love to the women in my life that ground me and keep me going:

1. Connie - the founder of Random Acts of Kindness Week in Duvall (and she expanded it to our neighboring communities of Carnation, Woodinville and Monroe this year). This woman is filled with PASSION for making the world a better place, one person and one act at a time. She even gave up a consulting job to devote her non-parenting energy to volunteering (though you will find her WEEKLY in her daughter's classroom working with students, in addition to her community efforts). Her kindness and generosity brought together 20 women for a Ladies Night Out dinner last night - truly a night to remember filled with lots of laughter, encouragement, celebration and good memories.

2. Carol Goodrow - fellow children's running author. This woman teaches full-time and maintains the website with rich articles and inspiring stories for kids/teachers/parents/runners. When she can, she promotes her books (fabulous, all THREE!) and always, always, always puts in a good word for MY book. She doesn't get any kickbacks for my book sales and I don't pay her to advertise the book. She just does it because she believes in the power of running, the promise of healthy youth, and that authors should work TOGETHER to get quality books and uplifting messages into the hands of young readers and their families.

4. Paige - local runner/volunteer/race director extraordinaire. Whether it is her status updates on Facebook, emails or quickie hellos as we pass at the grocery store, this woman is filled with positive and encouraging words - ALWAYS. I'm not sure if she sleeps, but if she does, I'm sure it isn't for long. Our community shines thanks to her dedication to getting 5Ks & 10Ks going in our Valley, she's on our Library Board (that's a TOUGH job - we're trying to get a library built), and she and her husband are raising two incredible, community-minded and down-to-earth boys (I wish they were a bit younger so my daughter could date one of them, but alas, they'll be scooped up by two other lucky ladies someday!). It is Paige's encouraging nature that just may have me running a hilly 10K this Spring . . . if the weather ever improves, I can get in some hill training and I'll do it!

3. My mom - my business partner. This hasn't been an easy road to travel. Two years of work without pay for countless hours of toil doesn't always make for fun times. But she has stuck by my side and we continue to be hopeful and optimistic that publishing this book was the right thing to do and that the message it shares is one the world can use for good. We don't always see eye-to-eye, we could use some help with organization, and we've had to take a few breaks to care for family members, but overall it has been a positive experience and I'm honored that she would join me on this crazy venture. This book is her baby, too.

When I grow up, I hope to be as fabulous as any of these four women. I hope you have the opportunity to meet one (or all!) of them someday.

What woman(en) inspires you? Come on, there as to be at least ONE you have in mind - leave a comment about her!


Colin Timberlake said...

Interesting post.

I'm a guy but Sigourney Weaver in Aliens and Demi Moore in GI Jane both showed how to kick some a** when push comes to shove.

Black Knight said...

I am a guy too but I think that Sharon Den Adel, the singer of the band Within Temptation, is the woman who changed the story of the gothic rock with a new way to perform that kinf of songs. She was the inspiration for other new bands.

Brianna said...

Guys can be inspired by women! Thanks for sharing your insight on some strong women. :) And for making me smile.

Pavement Runner said...

Paige is an inspiring and amazing person. Her status updates and wall posts always catch my attention on FB.

Brianna, I also wouldn't doubt that you are on the list of many people out there.

As for me, it would be my training coach and friend Lori. She is the sole reason that I am able to continue to run today. She taught me how to finish my first marathon and continues to amaze me daily.