Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting With a Thankful Heart (and a numb arm)

I'm keeping it SHORT today since I'm typing with a "helper" in my lap who keeps touching the keys and playing with my fingers when she SHOULD be in bed SLEEPING!!! Even though I'm frustrated and my left arm has just about gone numb from her leaning on it . . . I DO have a thankful heart:

1. The children were well behaved on Saturday evening so we went out for dinner as a special family treat - the first such outing in . . . um . . . well, a LONG time, seeing as I can't remember the last time we went out.

2. All of the roads leading out of our little town are now open after being closed for several days last week because of SEVERE flooding. Snow melt and rain do not a good combination make. I can now get my son back to his pre-school routine, to the YMCA and wherever else we should want to go. Hooray! I also read a report that the livestock in the area all managed to be moved to dry ground and are safe.

3. By the end of the evening (assuming my dear daughter does finally give up and go to sleep) I will be one row away from completing her birthday quilt.

4. Last week Facebook helped reunite me with my best friend from elementary school. I feel like I found a bit of myself when I found her.

5. Little Sister is finally in bed. Keep your fingers crossed that she stays that way so I can make #3 come true!

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Happy running!

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