Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting with a Thankful Heart in this New Year

Today marks the LAST day of my son's break from school - now THAT is cause for celebration! While we've had some good times during our 3 weeks together, everyone is ready for him to go back. He even did a "I get to go to school tomorrow!" dance this morning and I joined in (maybe even a bit more enthusiastically than necessary!).

There are other aspects of our lives that get back to normal this week, making this mama's heart quite thankful:

1. Little Sister's music class gets going again on Wednesday.
2. A new session of swimming lessons will be underway on Saturday morning. This time I have them signed up for the same day and time. We'll see if that combo is a good one or if it is too much to juggle since I'll be in the water with Little Sister and have to get all three of us cleaned up afterward. Hey, you never know until you try!
3. The kids are encouraging me to run in the mornings. Of course they're great about leaving me alone for only 10 minutes, but that's a great start. I enjoy those 10 minutes of peace and then grit my teeth to knock out a minimum of 10 more minutes, squeaking in any extra time if they haven't torn apart the basement or started taking one another apart. It used to be that Mr. Music would groan and pitch such a fit that I'd give up and not get on the treadmill at all. Seriously, folks, this is progress. Even a single step gets you closer to your goals!

On my sewing front, I'm working like a maniac in the evenings and making AWESOME progress on a handful of unfinished projects. The end is in sight for my daughter's birthday quilt. I just hooked on the last big row to quilt and will then just have one small row to go! Last night I made her a cow-themed pillow case out of the fabric she picked out LAST YEAR. It is so refreshing and energizing to make forward progress!!

Wishing you a wonderful week as you get back into the post-holiday groove. Happy running, happy reading and happy goal-reaching!


Jess said...

Sounds like you've got the new year off to a great start!!!

teacherwoman said...

Quilting can be so much fun and relaxing. I have a quilt I started over a year ago. It is all sewn together, but I haven't finished the handing quilting yet. I keep telling myself it would be a great winter afternoon project, but I haven't gotten there!

Stacy Nyikos said...

Man, you're off to an awesome start!

Nitmos said...

Happy New Year!