Monday, January 19, 2009

Starting with a Thankful Heart in the sunshine

The sun is shining here for the second day in a row. I can't believe how incredibly energizing it really is. You just sort of get accustomed to mucking along in the fog, not realizing that you're just going through the motions, but then the sun comes along and *BAM!* suddenly you remember that you are ALIVE!

Other than the wonderful, warming and uplifting sun's rays . . . I'm thankful for:

1. The surprise email I got from my uncle who is doing work in Kabul.

2. My son is feeling much better after a turn with a 24-hour bug of sorts. He refused to eat and slept all day yesterday and has been eating, drinking and talking non-stop all day today. I'd say he's better!

3. I started the day with a 32 minute run on the treadmill in my new shoes. The kids cooperated the entire time while that wonderful sun came through the windows.

4. My son's progress with reading - he's discovering all kinds of books that he can sit down and really read on his own. . . and even to Little Sister. That's powerful stuff right there.

5. The Steelers are heading to the Super Bowl. My husband is a Pittsburgh native, so that is HUGE around this house. Really, really huge. I am worried about my favorite player, Heinz Ward, though. (He's a former UGA player and we're both UGA grads, not to mention he has an amazingly positive attitude and infectious smile.) I'll have to do some reading to see how his injury is and if he'll be well enough to play.

What are YOU thankful for today? Come on, don't be shy! Let us know with a quickie note below!


JenP said...

Well, I am having a tough day today being thankful (the baby's furniture is still not here and there are no answers, Babies R Us lost the registry I spent so much time updating last week). BUT you have inspired me to look for the positive - I am thankful that I have managed to stay healthy the past few days despite the yucky cold that my sweet hubby has been suffering from. Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins, I swear these things are a huge immunity booster!

teacherwoman said...

I don't think I saw the sun today. Let me check... to work by 715 and left work at approximately 5:05... nope. no sun in there. Oh wait. I went out for lunch with the ladies. I guess I saw some daylight, but no sun! LOL

Brianna said...

My classroom didn't have windows when I was teaching, so I can totally relate to not seeing the sun during the day. It always cracked me up when the students would ask me what it was like outside when I had been right there with them all day! Hooray for luch with the ladies - that's something to be thankful for, right?