Thursday, January 15, 2009

Upbeat Week

Despite some frustrating events (like locking my keys in the car!), this has been a very good week on the homefront. So good, in fact, that I'm wound up and ready to go FINISH my daughter's birthday quilt - one more row to quilt and then the binding goes on. Since this project has been going for, oh, something like 6 months now, I'm getting really anxious to get it done.

Tomorrow we're off to the YMCA to give the childwatch another try while I do the treadmill thing. If it goes well, I'll feel secure in trying a class out next week! My goal is to attend at least one class/week to add some flavor to my usual running and balance ball workouts. I'm getting excited that next week might be the week I start. Keep your fingers and laces crossed that Little Sister continues to do well with childwatch . . . that's the key piece to making it all happen.

Happy running/balancing/reading, everyone! I'm off to sew . . . happily!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

good luck with the quilt. post a pic when you get it done!

Vava said...

Good luck with the workouts and the kids babysitting service. I've never tried that. Hmmmm... Something to consider for sure.

On a happy note, at least you didn't lock your keys in the car with the engine running! (I've never dones this, but one of my family seems to do this regularly for some strange reason.)