Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anything Goes: My Son's First Rock Poster

We just hung up Mr. Music's first "rock" poster yesterday. It's a Justin Roberts poster from his album Meltdown - with a personal note, drawing of a yellow bus, and his signature. This is a PRIZED posession at our place!! After we saw Justin Roberts in concert last fall (which had the parents up and dancing, too - WAY fun!), Mr. Music sat down and dictated (hey, he was just 3 afterall) a note to Mr. Roberts about how in a few years when he's older he'd like to join the tour as the drummer. Mr. Music also colored in the cover of the downloadable music book for the album Yellow Bus, and had us include that with his letter.

Imagine our surprise when the signed poster arrived! It was an exciting day at the Grant house. Unfortunately, it was also a busy day, so the poster was carefully placed in the piano bench so it wouldn't get lost before we could properly frame it.

Fast forward 10 months . . . (yes, I said 10, not 1 . . . sometimes things get lost by the wayside)

I discovered it in the piano bench yesterday, so when we went on our adventure to check out the YMCA in the next town over, we stopped by the Ben Franklin on our way home to pick up a frame. I don't think my husband was in the door longer than 2 seconds before Mr. Music pounced and asked if they could hang it up. The anticipation was apparently quite heavy in the air, so while he might ordinarily have put off the task for at least 10 minutes so he could say hello to everyone and check the mail, my husband got right to it and put Justin Roberts in the designated place of honor right as you walk in the room and by Mr. Music's bed.

Sort of reminds me of my giant Tori Amos poster hanging over my bed in college . . . *sigh* That was a good bit ago . . .

It also leaves me wondering (after watching our old favorite That 70's Show nearly nightly as we wait for our favorite season premiers and seeing all of the posters in the background of Eric's basement and Donna's bedroom) what posters may replace Justin Roberts in the future. Only time will tell what musical adventures await us, but really, there's no rush to find out. I'm going to enjoy this little guy one day at a time.