Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts While Running . . .

I just got back from a 20 minute run with Albus. I had planned on a longer run, as the kids are off for a playdate, but it is HOT out there - nearly 80 and humid. This gal isn't used to such conditions! So, I kept it light and fun and healthy for us both (important to remember that Albus is a black lab mix - if I'm hot, he's even hotter!).

A few things that crossed my mind:

- Woah! Why am I running up hill at a 7:15 pace? Have I ever run at a 7:15 pace? Go me!
- Wait a minute, is Garmin working right?! Maybe I miss read the digits . . . nope, I didn't!
- Why are the high school cross country runners running with traffic instead of against traffic?
- High schoolers are looking younger and younger every day!
- The blackberry bushes are looking pretty picked-over - good thing the kids aren't along, they'd be sad.
- Is the Garmin battery going to last the whole run? (I forgot to recharge it after my last run)
- Will the laundry be ready to change around when I get home so I can get another load done before picking up the kids?
- When is the last time we ate spaghetti? Is it too soon to eat it tonight?
- The senior I mentored today (she's writing a children's book for her senior project) is the same age as the first group of students I taught when they were in 4th grade - all my "kids" will be graduating. To quote the loveable Scooby Doo, "Zoinks!"
- What a great day this has been.

And, so, fellow runners, readers and life participants . . . I shall now take leave of you to get a shower and get some more chores done before retrieving my children - have a wonderful remainder of your week!


Erin Leigh said...

LOL at the spagetti comment. I also have to make sure I space it out enough.

Glad you got in a run, even if it was a short one!

JenP said...

I'm laughing because you think 80 is hot, and I think 80 would be a welcome relief from true Southern heat!

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!! Look at your speedy pace!