Saturday, September 6, 2008

Anything Goes - A quickie

I was pleased to get in a 3 miler with Little Sister in the jogger on Thursday morning while Mr. Music was enjoying his time at pre-school. They start school off slowly with just 1.5 hours the first week, 2 hours the second week and then the full 3 hours the third week. While this leaves the "experienced" students a bit sad (they're ready to go!), it is a great way to ease in the newbies. After a few gloomy weeks the kids were treated to a sunny start and I was able to enjoy a well-lit and uplifting run - we even had to dodge a sprinkler, which totally had Little Sister captivated!

If we get back from pizza at my parents' house tonight in time (boy, the sun is setting earlier and earlier!) I'm going to see about squeezing in a run. We went for bagels this morning and then ran errands until about lunch time. I'm enjoying a low-key afternoon of some sewing (the quilt just doesn't want to finish itself!) while my husband works on getting the new bubbler bucket ready for hydroponic tomatoes and the kids nap. True, this would have been a great opportunity to run . . . but there's something to be said for working on OTHER goals, too. I just love the steady whirrrrrr of my sewing machine - and the immediate results of seeing the progress!

We had some photos taken yesterday - some new headshots for our Balanced Steps website and a great bunch of photos of the kids (and of the kids with me). When I get them back I'll be sure to post a few of my favorites. I'm getting antsy waiting to see how they look, even though it has only been a day and a half. I've seen the photos my friends had taken by the photographer and they are amazing, which is probably why I'm so impatient!

So, the quilt calls . . . I'm off to get another block quilted before the kids wake up and we're out chasing them in the yard.

Happy weekend, happy running and happy times!


Running Knitter said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the kids. :)

teacherwoman said...

Enjoy your weekend! :)